Hello Summers and Hi Mr. Beach, Oops the Hair!

Did you just say summers? And you immediately figured out that you are eventually heading towards a beach to rejuvenate! But what has suddenly brought a halt to the thoughts? Oops! The dreadful hard hair on the legs that will prohibit you from flaunting that new costume is bothering you. How eager are you to wear that new, fluorescent costume but the coarse, rugged creatures sprawling all over the body are smart to dampen your spirits!What is the solution? Razor, epilator or even waxing may be the quick fixes. Even hair removal creams are the next go-to thing. But unfortunately the effect is pretty temporary and the slimy black creatures start slithering on the skin within a week, growing big and more prominent as you nourish the skin. It isn’t easy to do this over and over again within a span of ten to fifteen days. This eventually makes you less confident, low in morale and is a spoilsport every time.

Reasons to Consider Soprano Ice Platinum for hair removal in ludhiana

Hold on your breath as we bring to you the latest and the most effective hair removal technique- Laser Hair Removal in Ludhiana. This technique is safe, quick and yields effective long-term results.

For permanent hair reduction, the ideal treatment is getting laser sittings done under the expertise of a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The most prominent and the latest in the field is the Soprano Platinum ICE technology. This is a breakthrough in the field of permanent hair reduction.

How does the Soprano Platinum ICE work?

The Soprano Platinum ICE technology features the trio clustered diode technology. Three laser wavelengths are combined into a single innovative handpiece which simultaneously targets different tissue depths as well as anatomical hair structures within the hair follicle. This is the safest and the most comprehensive technique for effective results. Three different wavelengths are absorbed and penetrated and the results are evident after the beginning sittings only.

Here are some benefits of this advanced process for permanent hair growth reduction:

  • Needless to say, this is the best technology for permanent hair removal
  • 3-in-1

The combination of three different wavelengths in one applicator makes it more powerful and effective.

  • Virtually Painless

The trauma of pain during waxing or any other process will no longer exist. This technology is virtually painless and can be done without any pain.

  • Safety Record

The technology of Soprano Platinum ICE has been proven to be safe and secure with no side-effects. To doubt the efficacy and credibility of this procedure would be useless.

  • Applicable for Anyone, Anywhere

This technology can be applied to any body parts. Even the private genitals and buttocks respond too well with this laser technology. The best is this technique is applicable to both men and women, of any skin type and of any skin color.

Soprano Platinum ICE is a new rage and definitely will leave you clean, spotless and hairless all the time.

Hygiene is one of the most important reasons for many people opting for a laser hair reduction technique. The clearer the skin will be, the cleaner you will be able to keep it. Get yourself free from all the skin traumas and stay clean and fresh.

Gone are the days when you had to decide your outfit, make-up and looks contingent on the little feline-hair on your body. Now is the time to flaunt your favorite red dress or the LBD depending on your mood, occasion or happiness quotient. Once you start laser hair removal you no longer have to take time deciding what to wear, when to wear and how to wear. You are party-ready all the time. Isn’t that happy news for you?

Aren’t you sick of the appointment, waiting and getting the painful waxing done? The worse is yet to come. What about the red blotches post the waxing session? Too embarrassing! The time consumed is actually time wasted because the little creatures will emerge within a fortnight and you will have to shell out the hard-earned money, time and patience yet again. Too much of mental harassment within a month!

The laser hair grows very scanty and the duration of growth also keeps delaying to eternity (depending on the density of growth). This means that you stay hair-free longer than you can imagine and can enjoy a stress-free life. There isn’t any downtime or recovery period or any blemishes or red spots post the session. Be a go-getter and get the world!

Are you still wondering?

 You may be thinking if you are eligible for this or whether you should even consider this permanent change of hair reduction. The truth is that not just women but even men and teenagers are falling in love with the hair-less body.

The teenagers opting for laser hair removal with the help of Soprano Platinum ICE will be free from the menace of hair forever. How lucrative!

A few professions like the fashion industry, modeling, bodybuilding, gym freaks and the new age millennials are constantly conscious of their appearance and want to flaunt an immaculate look. They need to be photo-ready and the need to be presentable haunts them constantly. This gives rise to the need to have perfect bodies and smooth skin. Who wants to be a hairy chimpanzee anymore?

Yay! It’s Holiday Time!

Come summers, you are already looking forward to traveling to unknown horizons and exploring different parts of the world. How can you miss being on the beach? The vast expanse of crystal clear blue water, the smooth sand and a mojito in hand beckons you. How picture perfect is life going to be! But alas! The bushy legs and arms can be an eyesore, mood dampener and confidence shaker.

The moment you plan something worthwhile, get your booking done at the office of a qualified cosmetic surgeon and get started with the first Soprano Platinum ICE laser sitting. The results will be pretty visible after the first sitting and you will be able to enjoy a stress-free vacation flaunting your outfits and flaunting your smooth and supple skin.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Ludhiana

Are There any Inhibitions?

Fortunately, there are no flip sides or any side-effects. The procedure takes an hour or two and you can head straight to work or a party immediately after. There are no abrasions, rashes or any scars. There might be bleak redness in remote cases which is temporary. You may feel a very minute prick feel of needles and pins which isn’t too painful.

Soprano Platinum ICE laser technology is virtually painless and you get a smooth skin every time you undergo the laser sitting. Nearly six to eight sittings are recommended to ensure optimal results and the body to be completely hairless (or the hair to grow at a negligible speed).

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Which Body Part- Are you confused?

A laser is the safest and easiest hair removal process. Without any fear or doubt you can opt for arms, legs, bikini, genitals, stomach, back or a combination of these or simply get the whole body hairless.

The cosmetic surgeon should be qualified and will assess your hair growth and various other factors. A genuine cosmetic surgeon will explain the effects and the number of sittings required for the optimal results. She/he will even guide you if laser technique is futile on a particular body part and should be avoided. Every nook and corner of the body deserves to be hair-free and fresh all the time!

Hunt for the Best

After all, it is not a hit and trial process. It requires an investment of time, money and energy. So why compromise on the quality of services. When it concerns skin, one must never be oblivious to the qualifications and skill of the cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Prerna Mittal is the best and widely acclaimed qualified cosmetic surgeon in Punjab. She delivers the desired results with finesse and an awe-inspiring mannerism. She is among the first surgeons to bring the highly advanced Soprano Platinum ICE hair removal laser technology to Ludhiana.  For any doubts or queries, you must not hesitate in consulting her for the most genuine advice.


Now you lovely ladies and handsome men do not think twice and simply let your skin pores breathe free. Enjoy your vacations to the core, enjoy permanent hair reduction in ludhiana, enjoy a stress-free life and break the shackles of being in a vicious circle of waxing and epilators. Soprano Platinum ICE laser hair removal in ludhiana is the most trending phenomenon of the century. Go for it and enjoy a hair-free life of a millennial in the true sense.