Rhinoplasty Surgery in Ludhiana & Chandigarh, Punjab

Get a nose that is in complete harmony with other facial features.

The new-age 'nose job' as it is commonly called, Rhinoplasty Surgery or the nose surgery is a surgical procedure with the aim of rectifying or altering the shape of the nose, either for aesthetic reasons or functional reasons where the patient is unable to breathe properly. It can be used to modify nose defects- by birth or in cases of any deformity that has happened in accidents.

Rhinoplasty is one of those surgical procedures that involve both science and art. The procedure, therefore, requires a lot of expertise, experience and aesthetic knowledge to be able to carry out this in an effective and patient- friendly manner. Rhinoplasty surgery is perform in Refine Aesthetic Clinic (Ludhiana),Punjab.

Benefits Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

The benefits of Rhinoplasty are fundamentally aesthetic and functional. These two aspects of nose surgery are closely related. So when you are considering any aesthetic change, care must be taken if it can cause any respiratory problems in the future.

Aesthetic Benefits Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

A sleek and sharp nose gives you that dainty 'smart' look and determines your features. Having a sharper nose is possible under Rhinoplasty and gives you a beautiful and charming look. The main aesthetic advantages of Rhinoplatsy are as follows:

  • Improves the overall facial appearance
  • Modifies the size, width and shape of the nose
  • Corrects the profile by eliminating humps or depressions in the bridge
  • Changes the shape of the nasal tip
  • Changes the angles of the nose
  • Modifies the size and position of the nostrils
  • Softens the typical nuances of the nose of each ethnic group
  • Rectifies the typical deterioration of age

Despite the possibilities that Rhinoplasty offers aesthetically, the basic aim is to find the nose that best fits with other features, maintaining a natural aura and harmony.

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Functional Benefits

The function of nose is of paramount importance for the basic survival. Any deformity that impedes the regular breathing functionality has to be rectified at the earliest. Following are the benefits that Rhinoplasty offers:

  • Relief from respiratory problems
    Any kind of breathing traumas or suffocation while breathing because of the nasal passage can be treated easily in Rhinoplasty in the process called Septoplasty. This makes breathing an easy process. This intervention solves certain breathing difficulties, allowing correction of those deformities that obstruct the normal functioning of the respiratory system.
  • Solves birth defects
    Any congenital defects can now be rectified and will give you a new and refined appearance. Your self-esteem will be higher as you needn’t feel conscious anymore.
  • Reconstruction of the nose in case of injury or accident
    Damage caused in case of any eventuality can easily be treated and rectified with this simple surgical process (technically known as Reconstructive Rhinoplasty).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happens technically in Rhinoplasty?

  • You can expect a change in the size of the nose.
  • You can even ask for a change in the angle of the nose (crooked nose makes you look ugly)
  • The tip of the nose can be reshaped to give it a slender look.
  • Nostrils can be narrowed and shaped.
  • The tip of the nose can be reduced too.
  • You can expect the upper bridge to be straightened.

This surgery isn't a long cosmetic surgery alone. It is aimed at corrective measure too when the wall that divides the nostrils called septum is straightened and aids in breathing easily. The 'corrective' surgery aims at the following disfigurements:

  • Straightening the nasal wall called septum so that breathing is facilitated.
  • Removal of polyps, which are external small growths inside the nasal passage obstructing the flow of oxygen to breathe. (Polyps can sometimes be fatal)
  • Shrinking the size of turbinates: These are the nasal tissues which grow abnormally large and hamper the breathing process.

2. Are you a right candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a fairly simple operation in expert hands and very frequent. But, it is important to be clear about who are the most appropriate candidates to go for it. Following are some guidelines:

  • Achievable Expectations
    You need to be sure what changes are you aiming at and be ready for a corrective procedure in case of any error, though the chances are remotely not even 10%.
  • Psychological/ Emotional Stability
    You need to be emotionally and psychologically sound to get a surgery done. It’s recommended that the patient should be emotionally stable.
  • Good Health
    The patient should be in good physical health for a speedier recovery. It is preferred that you are a non-smoker for better health conditions.
  • Fully formed Nose
    You should be preferably an adult of 17 years and above with the nose of definite size and shape. It would be preferred if you are an adult whose facial growth has been achieved.

Even if there is no upper age limit for getting the Rhinoplasty done, the surgeons, however, believe that the younger patients have better adaptability to the changes that take place in the appearance of nose.

3. What happens during the surgery and how long is the hospital stay?

  • The duration of the surgery varies from one to three hours.
  • Local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia may be administered.
  • This is an out-patient surgery, where the patient may not be needed to stay overnight in the hospital.

4. What are the risks of the surgery?

The surgeon will apprise you of the risks and discuss in full transparency with you. Any serious complication, while unlikely, is possible but can easily be avoided by diligently following the surgeon’s instructions.

Following are the potential associated risks:

  • Severe bleeding: The chances of occurrence are less than two percent.
  • Sinusitis: This might occur within weeks of getting the Nose Job done and is caused generally due to internal swelling which can easily be treated by medication.
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Mild infection or poor wound healing
  • Irregularities in cartilage or bone structure
  • Skin discoloration and swelling
  • Obstruction in nasal breathing- Depending on the cause, this can be improved with revision surgery.
  • Change in skin sensation.
  • Migration of grafts/ implants: Rhinoplasty may result in shifting or extrusion of a graft or an implant which can easily be corrected and stabilized.

5. What are the different types of Rhinoplasty?

The classification of Rhinoplasty can be done in different ways depending on the following parameters:

A. The Size Change of Nose

Depending on the adjustment that takes place to the size of Nose, Rhinoplasty can be classified into two types:

a. Augmentation Rhinoplasty (Increment in the nose size): In this type of Rhinoplasty, the implants/ grafts are added to increase the size of the nose. The types of implants/ grafts used in Rhinoplasty vary from one patient to another. The options are as follows:

  • Bone grafts-Their usage is limited to reconstructive surgeries.
  • Cartilage grafts- These grafts are taken from other parts of the patient’s body including ears, ribs and septum. This is possible only if the requirement for grafts is limited.
  • Porex implants
  • Silicone implants

b. Reduction Rhinoplasty (Decrement in the nose size): In this type of Rhinoplasty, the cartilage and bone from the patient’s nose are removed and rearranged to reduce its contours.

B. Surgical Technique

a. Endonasal/ Closed Rhinoplasty:In this, all incisions are hidden inside the nose.

b. Open Tip Rhinoplasty:In this type of Rhinoplasty, all incisions are inside the nose except for the one which is on the skin between nostrils. A good thing, however, is that it is fine and small, hardly visible to others.

C. The Reason for which Rhinoplasty is done

a. Aesthetic Rhinoplasty: In order to enhance the overall facial appearance.

b. Medical Rhinoplasty (Septoplasty): In order to ease the breathing process.

c.Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: To correct the birth defects or deformities caused by an injury or accident.

D. Frequency

a. Primary Rhinoplasty: When the Rhinoplasty is done for the first time.

b. Secondary or Revision Rhinoplasty: This is basically a corrective Rhinoplasty, the need for which arises when the results from the primary Rhinoplasty are not upto the mark, or have resulted in some sort of functional problems like congestion, or breathing problems.

The type of Rhinoplasty that is done for a patient depends on the decision made by the surgeon during the initial consultation.

6. Are the results achieved by Rhinoplasty permanent?

Rhinoplasty makes it possible to achieve the results that are permanent in nature although it might take up to 6 months for it to show complete results. However, the subsequent injury or the success rate of the primary Nose Job may raise the need for a secondary or revision Rhinoplasty. Also, the on-going development of the body can affect the results in case the patient opts for Rhinoplasty before completing the physical development or adulthood.

7. How to choose the best Rhinoplasty surgeon?

Here are a few parameters which will help you zero-down upon a doctor and make your search easier:

  • Certified: The surgeon should be Board certified in plastic surgery or Otolaryngology. The credentials of the doctors and his/ her association with various surgical and medical organizations show his/ her caliber.
  • Experience: The number of years in practice, the number of surgeries performed and the success rates are all very relevant factors.
  • 'After' and 'before' pictures:The precision and finesse in the hands of surgeon can be determined by comparing the before and after pictures of the clients. Also, the surgeon should be able to give a fair view of how will you look post-surgery through simulations.

Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab

If you wish to get your Rhinoplasty/Nose Reshaping/Nose Job surgery and wants to know the cost of Rhinoplasty in Ludhiana, Punjab kindly take into consideration the following points before comparing the procedure cost. Cost of rhinoplasty surgery depends upon many factors such as qualification of the surgeon, experience, number of cases done, safety equipments, technique used for procedure etc. As Rhinoplasty is a customised procedure that requires a lot of planning which vary from patient to patient, a physical examination of the client by the surgeon is must to get the exact price for rhinoplasty surgery.

Clients from nearby areas like MOGA, FARIDKOT, FEROZPUR, JAGRAON, AMRITSAR, JALANDHAR etc who are looking for the surgery can visit Refine Clinic for consultation.

Dr. Prerna Mittal, from Refine Aesthetic Clinic is the most qualified and experienced surgeon in the field of Rhinoplasty in Punjab. Having performed innumerable successful Rhinoplasty surgeries, she has Board certification and is known to have delivered quality. The experience and training along with the humane approach makes her the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Ludhiana and Punjab as well. A well-equipped hospital with the latest technique equipment and a congenial staff are the most dynamic combinations making her the most preferred cosmetic surgeon in Punjab. The best quality service ensuring satisfaction of patients and the comprehensive personalized treatment can be delivered by Dr. Prerna Mittal.

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