Laser Hair Removal in Ludhiana & Chandigarh, Punjab

You really crave to flaunt that new LBD and phew! The hair on the legs highlights more than your smile! Fret no more as the laser hair reduction technique comes to your rescue.

The antiquated methods of shaving, waxing, razor, threading or hair removal creams are no longer the valid thing. These are just temporary remedies which are known to encourage a harder and quicker hair growth. This is merely a dent in the pocket as well as loss of the available time. Do you want a permanent respite or relief just for the day? If permanent hair reduction is your answer, seeking the help of an expert cosmetic surgeon for permanent hair reduction in ludhiana is your next go-to thing.

Irrespective of bountiful hair growth or sleek hair growth, you will definitely want a satin smooth skin devoid of all the feline hair on your legs, arms and full body as well. This unwanted natural growth seems like a shadow accompanying you and surely irks your mood and feelings and dampens your confidence.

permanent laser hair removal in ludhiana

With the advent of modernization, not only the women but millennial men are also increasingly become conscious of the unwanted hair growth on their body. Be it a model or a glamour industry star or a fitness freak man, smooth and hair-free body is a mandate for the new-age men. Men do not prefer idling time on ancient hair removal techniques. Permanent hair reduction in ludhiana is the new-age smart body mantra for all age groups and gender to bid adieu to the undesired hair growth.

What Is Permanent Hair Reduction?

Permanent Hair Removal in Ludhiana is a non-surgical process which gives you smooth, hair-free skin and ensures that the hair growth is delayed and reduces to negligible over a period of time. A laser beam of low intensity is used to work on the body part which you wish to be hair-free. The laser beam penetrates through the patient's skin and pulls out the pigment of the hair. The level and extent of hair reduction are contingent on the body surface area and the intensity of growth. The process usually varies from a couple of minutes to a few hours depending on the target area.

The following areas can become absolutely clean and the hair growth reduces dramatically:

  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Pubic hair
  • Abdomen
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Bikini line
  • Buttocks
  • Chin and Jawline
  • Neck

The Best Hair Reduction Technology In Punjab

Dr. Prerna Mittal is an ace hair removal cosmetic surgeon who understands the patient's body and the pattern of hair growth. She guides and enlightens the patients after a thorough check-up. She analyses and then explains what to expect after the sittings.

Her latest addition is Sopranoice Platinum which is a marvel in the field of hair removal. With this path-breaking latest technology results can be seen within six to eight sittings. Sopranoice Platinum covers three layers which reduce the hair growth to a minimum level and yields results over the long run. Dr. Prerna offers a complete one-stop solution to all the hair woes and clear skin.

What Are The Advantages Of Hair Reduction Process?

The hair reduction is a painless, effective and most sought after process. There are a few merits of opting for this procedure:

  • Applicable for all Skin Types and Skin Tones :-Hair Reduction techniques are applicable to people of all age groups. Results can be obtained by regular sittings irrespective of skin tones and skin types. Whether your skin is light or tanned, coarse or smooth and the hair growth is rigid or smooth, hair reduction procedure works well on all.
  • No Recovery Period:- You are ready to hit work or party immediately after the sitting. There is no need for any downtime or extra rest. The process is virtually painless and hassle-free.
  • Triple Targeting Treatment:- The latest techniques work on the three layers of the skin, penetrating till the root for most effective results. For an all-inclusive hair removal, the laser beam passes through three different depths within the skin.
  • Emphasis on Safety and Quick Results:- The process of using the laser beam is safe and generates the results within a span of six to eight sittings. Sittings are done within a short span of time and are safe for all skin tones.
  • Painless Procedure:- The procedure is nearly painless and much easier than waxing pain. The laser beam technology is advanced enough to carry out the procedure painlessly.Sopranoice Platinum technology has made the hair removal painless, safe and effective for all age groups.

Are There Any Flip Sides To Hair Reduction Procedure?

There aren't any flip sides to hair reduction process. Here are a few precautions which must be taken care of after the surgery:

i. Wear loose and regular fit clothes immediately after sitting.

ii. The skin must not be exposed to UV Rays for almost a week after the treatment.

iii. Warmers or fitted clothes must be avoided.

iv. Follow the regular schedule as prescribed by the cosmetic surgeon for maximum results.

Dr. Prerna Mittal with the new technique of Sopranoice Platinum has carved a niche in the area of the hair reduction process. For the best technology and genuine advice, feel free to approach her and seek guidance. She is a person with sharp acumen in her field.

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