Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) in Ludhiana & Chandigarh, Punjab

Make your abdomen thinner or smaller, just the way you want it to be.

Is it that you have the appearance of protruding abdomen lose skin and lack of tone and you wish to regain your figure and look natural in overall contour?

The reason for your loose, wrinkled abdominal skin and excessive fat in the lower abdomen could be substantial weight loss, pregnancies, or heredity. Or, it could be that you are in a good shape but you have always had a belly that “sticks out”.

The answer to your problem is the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty which is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries these days. This surgery is carried out to remove excess skin and fat in the mid-lower abdomen while tensing the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Over the years, the abdomen loses elasticity and muscle tone and experiences an increase in flaccidity and fat accumulation. With this surgery, patients get a flat belly, as it brings back firmness to the structure of the stomach. The optimal results in this surgery are achieved by paying close attention to:

  • Excess skin and fat removal
  • Incision placement
  • Re-creation of natural umbilicus (belly button)

A wonderful thing about abdominoplasty is that it helps you get rid of sagging abdominal skin that remains unaffected by diet or exercise. The fact is that it is not possible to remove the skin laxity that comes from childbirth and/ or fluctuations in weight merely with diet or exercise.

While the most common surgical technique for a full abdominoplasty usually requires a long horizontal incision from hip bone to hip bone right above or within the pubic area, the length of incision and the resulting scar depends majorly on the amount and location of skin that is to be removed.

Some Quick Facts

Length of Surgery : Generally two and half hours to five hours.

Length of Stay : In some cases, overnight stay might be recommended but mostly the patient is discharged the same day.

Recovery : Minimal activity for several days and the patient can get back to work within one to four weeks. Strenuous exercise needs to be avoided for at least a month.

Possible Risks : The possible risks and complications, though unlikely, can be avoided by following the surgeon’s instructions carefully.

  • Hematoma: Collection of blood beneath the skin
  • Seroma: Collection of fluid under skin
  • Pulmonary emboli: A blood clot that travels to the blood vessels in the lungs
  • Tissue loss
  • Infection

Listed below are 4 different surgeries carried out for a smaller waist and flatter stomach:

  • Classic or "Full" Tummy Tuck : For improving the Upper & Lower Abdomen
  • Mini Tummy Tuck : For improving the Lower Belly
  • Extended Tummy Tuck : For improving the Upper & Lower Abdomen and Flanks
  • Lipoabdominoplasty : Dual benefits of liposuction and tummy tuck

Classic Or "Full" Tummy Tuck

"Improves the Upper & Lower Abdomen"

This surgery is aimed at addressing the full length of your abdominal wall and is an ideal choice for you in case you are bothered by the roundness and/ or excessive skin folds above and below your belly button.


  • Flatter and smoother abdomen
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks
  • Enhanced comfort in outfits

About the Surgery

The surgeon makes a horizontal or U-shaped incision above the pubic mound to remove excess skin and tighten your abdominal muscles. In certain cases, the surgeon might have to make a second incision around the navel to remove the excess skin above your belly button.

Mini Tummy Tuck

"Improves the Lower Belly without an Extensive Surgery"

A modified form of abdominoplasty surgery, Mini Tummy Tuck is a perfect solution to address the concerns of patients who don’t want to go through a full abdominoplasty or can get their issues addressed by performing this cosmetic surgery.

This procedure is recommended to patients with:

  • Normal weight/ underweight but excess skin or a "pooch" mostly below the belly button
  • Moderate weight with small lower abdomen panniculus
  • Muscle bulge or diversification of recti muscles
  • Realistic expectations

About the Surgery

The cosmetic surgeon makes a single incision just above the pubic mound to tighten loose muscles and remove excess skin so as to help you regain a smooth and flat abdominal wall.


  • Shorter and less extensive procedure
  • A quicker recovery
  • A flatter and toned lower abdomen

Extended Tummy Tuck

"Improves your upper and lower abdomen and flanks"

It is a perfect cosmetic surgical solution for those who are looking at regaining the attractive shape of lower body by getting the small stubborn deposits of fat and excessive skin removed and stretching the remaining skin. Indeed one of the most popular body contouring cosmetic procedures and also known as an extended abdominoplasty or a lower body lift-surgey, it produces highly effective results in reshaping the lower body, including the abdominal region, thighs, buttocks and hips.

The method of performing this surgery may vary from one patient to another depending on multitude of factors.

What makes me an ideal candidate for Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for extended tummy tuck surgery if there are small stubborn deposits of fat in your lower body region and loose abdominal muscles and you wish to make your body contoured and youthful.

Following factors will be considered by surgeon before you are recommended this surgery:

  • Elasticity of your skin
  • Amount of subcutaneous fat
  • Your age and health conditions
  • Realistic expectations

Associated Risks

The cosmetic surgeon makes a single incision just above the pubic mound to tighten loose muscles and remove excess skin so as to help you regain a smooth and flat abdominal wall.


There is some risk of complications seen in rare cases in the case of extended tummy tuck. The risks associated with this procedure include:

  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Anesthetic allergy

About the Surgery

An extended tummy tuck surgery generally involves a longer incision and can be performed using different techniques.

In order to avoid any pain or discomfort, the surgeon administers local anesthesia to your lower body and make incisions in the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs depending on the requirement. After removing the fat, the surgeon removes the excessive skin that looks saggy. Finally, the remaining skin is stretched to remove dimples and wrinkles from your lower body.


"Offers dual benefits of liposuction and tummy tuck"

Lipoabdominoplasty is a combination of two cosmetic procedures- Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. It is a versatile and safe technique for abdominal contouring and providing a flatter look to the stomach.

This procedure is recommended to patients who don’t only have excess skin to the abdominal region but also some unwanted fatty volume.

The advantages offered by this cosmetic surgery have raised a dramatic demand for it by patients seeking a flat abdomen.


  • Improved body contour and shape
  • Significantly reduced postoperative risks and complications
  • A quicker and less painful recovery
  • A diminished risk of numbness after the surgery

About the Surgery

The first procedure used in the surgery is liposuction which aims at removing excess unwanted fat. At Cocoona Refine, Dr. Prerna Mittal uses Vaser Liposuction which is an alternate technology to traditional Liposuction and highly effective in removing stubborn fat around the stomach.

The second procedure used is a minimally invasive tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) which is made possible by the tunneling effects of the liposuction. This less invasive tummy tuck procedure is highly effective at removing the excess skin remaining after the first procedure gets completed to give a flatter look to your abdomen.

Abdominal Hernia Repair

Abdominal Hernia : It is a protrusion of abdominal content through the fascia of the abdominal wall.

The added advantage of Abdominoplasty is that it can help repair Abodminal Hernia in patients while removing the excess skin and fat at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does the abdominoplasty surgery last?

The duration of the tummy tuck depends on each case, usually lasting between two and a half hours and five hours. It also depends if it is combined with other surgeries or a mini-tummy tuck is performed.

2. Can epidural be used?

General anaesthesia is applied to most patients. Depending on the case, epidural may be applied.

3. Are tummy tuck and liposuction the same?

Liposuction and tummy tuck are different surgeries although they complement each other. Abdominoplasty is a reconstruction surgery of the belly and not a fat removal surgery. It removes the flaccidity and repairs the muscles of the abdomen. On the contrary, liposuction eliminates localized fat. Both can be done in the same intervention.

4. How is the excess skin removed? Will the scar be visible?

Once in the operating room, the surgeon makes an incision horizontally above the pubic hair. This can be extended to the hip, depending on the amount of skin and fat that must be removed. After this step, the skin is lifted up to the ribs and proceeds to stretch down to remove the excess skin. In the mini-tummy tuck, the incision is made around the navel.

The scars of these incisions are hidden behind the pre-pubic line. If proper care is taken of the scars, they will become almost imperceptible.

5. If I have scars on the abdomen can I get this done?

Patients with scars on the abdomen come to our practice, either due to previous interventions or accidents. In the case that these are in the lower half of the belly there will be no problem, they may even be eliminated in the operation. However, abdominoplasty is contraindicated in those with scars in the upper half.

6. What risks are there?

Like all surgery that requires general anaesthesia, abdominoplasty has its risks during the intervention. Once it has finished, infections or venous thrombi may appear in the postoperative period, although they are very rare. In the case of thrombi, it is relieved by moving the legs, while the infection remits with antibiotics.

7. If I want to get pregnant again can I get a tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty is contraindicated in those women who want to become pregnant because the intervention tenses the vertical muscles of the abdomen and during pregnancy, these should relax.

It is also contraindicated in patients with obesity. First, they must lose weight and then the operation is performed to remove the excess skin.

8. What requirements must the patient meet?

Before carrying out this or any other intervention, a previous study is carried out to check the suitability of the patient before surgery. In this case, abdominoplasty is recommended to all women and men who are concerned about the accumulation of fat or excess skin, which cannot be reduced with diet or physical exercise.

It is very useful after pregnancies when the skin and muscles of the abdomen have become loose or after a rapid thinning.

9. What effect does tobacco have on the result?

The tobacco delays healing, produces respiratory alterations, alters the tissues and damages the circulation. Therefore, smoking patients must stop smoking weeks before surgery.

10. Will I be able to do sit-ups again?

The month after the surgery, the patient can begin to perform a basic physical activity, so you can do abs exercises.

The postoperative period is not painful and after 15 days you will be able to start walking, especially to avoid the formation of venous thrombi. Even so, the times vary according to the patients and the evolution of the healing.

11. What happens if the skin on my abdomen is smooth and has good toning but there is excess fat?

In such cases, liposuction may be more convenient. Although it is common for us to perform liposuction in conjunction with a tummy tuck, it may or may not solve your problem entirely. This question can be satisfactorily answered only after an examination.

12. How many kilos can I lose with a tummy tuck?

One of the most common questions is how many kilos will be lost with this type of procedure. The reality is that this surgery is not a substitute for weight loss, but aims at removing excess fat and skin, so the results will be defined according to their characteristics. The proportions of the abdomen and the rest of the body should be maintained. The total loss of kilos will depend on the tissue and fat that is removed and regardless of how much, the idea is that the surgery will allow you to have a stylish body and a much flatter abdomen.

These are the most frequent questions that patients ask in our practice. If you want to recover a flat and firm stomach do not hesitate to contact us and ask for an appointment. Always remember that a tummy tuck surgery requires expertise and a lot of experience to ensure desired results. Dr. Prerna Mittal is an experienced tummy tuck surgeon and continues performing Abdominoplasty very frequently.

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