Acne Reduction and Acne Scar Reduction in Ludhiana & Chandigarh, Punjab

A blemish-free face is everyone's dream! A spotless clear skin makes you look glowing and flawless. You become the center of attraction at a party and eventually feel confident. The pimple spots and scars on the face are black spots which mar your beautyand confidence. Acne can be due to various reasons – teenage, hormonal changes, environmental pollution, dust and stress as well. The breakout on the skin is an eyesore and if left untreated, a scar is likely to remain for a longer time. The worse is people of all age groups have a tendency of acne when the sebaceous gland gets blocked and the skin is damaged from inside out.

To get rid of the painful and ugly acne, modern science offers a few effective treatments that can help get rid of acne. Some myths say that one should let acne be as it is and not touch it. However, this isn’t true and acne must be treated because of the following reasons:

  • Acne hampers the looks and personality and dents the confidence of a person.
  • If untreated, acne can worsen and be painful.
  • If acne isn't paid any heed to, it can lead to permanent dark spots and indelible scars on the face.

Hence getting acne treated by a trained cosmetic surgeon is mandatory. Youngsters are prone to acne due to hormonal changes, but adult acne is increasingly seen in trend these days and is generally very frustrating.

Signs And Symptoms Of Acne

Acne can occur in any form. Following are the most common forms of these blemishes:

  • Pimples or Pustules (these are usually painful)
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Nodules
  • Cysts

Acne can appear anywhere- on the face, shoulder, back, upper arms and buttocks. But usually face is the most commonly affected.

The patient suffering from acute acne can suffer from severe depression, low self-esteem and confidence, scars (which may be permanent) and prevalence of dark spots after the acne subdue. Given the grave consequences and the easy availability of effective treatments, acne must be treated at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do Cosmetic Surgeons Treat Acne?

First of all the surgeon will analyse and examine your skin to ensure the existence of acne. Then he/she will prescribe the most effective laser treatment for acne depending on the type of acne. Following are the laser treatments available for acne which will make sure that your skin is spotless and glowing:

i. The Oxygen Jet Peels

A jet technology is used in this treatment to infuse saline water and oxygen into the skin. This treatment can be used effectively in case of acne, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation. The process also kills bad bacteria and leaves the skin well-hydrated and well-rejuvenated. Here are a few advantages of the oxygen jet peels:

  • This process needs no downtime for recovery.
  • It exfoliates the dead skin cells and cleans the pores and oxygenates the skin.
  • This is a painless method and leaves a soothing effect post the treatment.
  • It aims at improving the skin texture and glow.

ii. Chemical Peels

In this method, a chemical peel is applied on the face, which generally pulls off. Once the chemical layer peels off the skin feels rejuvenated and hydrated. The peel exfoliates and refreshes the skin. A series of continuous sittings results in cleaner and clearer skin and complexion. This is a quicker and effective method of acne reduction.

iii. Laser and Intense Pulse Light

This treatment is more of a permanent acne reduction solution. This non-invasive procedure uses short pulses of micro-fine laser light which reaches the abyss of the top epidermal layer of skin. The damaged tissues are wiped off and new skin permeates with new collagen. The new layer is refreshing and clear. The advantages of this technology are tremendous:

  • It's a non-invasive, simple and fast procedure.
  • Depending on the size and intensity of acne, a series of over 4-6 sittings will start revealing effective results.
  • A clearer and rejuvenated skin starts emerging underneath.
  • This laser can be done on all skin types and all age groups.

Acne Scar Reduction

When the smaller devil acne is gone, it leaves behind a bigger devil- stubborn scars and spots, which are usually indelible. Some scars may dissolve with time, whereas others are there to stay. Scars are a result of low quality tissue that develops to heal a wound, acne or a cut. As a result, the skin looks dab and unimpressive. This can hamper your self-confidence and self-esteem.

You will be relaxed as to hear that science has a cure for these blemishes and scars. Depending on the type of skin, the type of acne and patient’s age a number of procedures and modern techniques are available to cure the scars.

2. How can Acne Scars be treated?

Acne scars can worsen if left untreated. Following are the treatments that can cure the acne scars making the skin look refreshed and rejuvenated:

  • Dermabrasion :Effective for scar removal, Dermabrasion provides complete annihilation of dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. A rapidly rotating wire brush is used which can eliminate surface scars completely and leave the skin soothing and spotless.
  • Soft Tissue Fillers :Dermal filler is the most effective treatment for anchored or tethered scars. In this process, the underlying scar tissue is freed and the filler is injected as a spacer. Adding collagen beneath the skin and into the dented scars fills out the skin and stretches it. The results are temporary and follow-up injections have to be done. The scars eventually fade out leaving a clear skin behind.
  • Chemical Peeling : Chemicals peels are very effective as they treat the skin from both inside out and make the scars appear lighter as the upper layer of the skin is peeled using chemicals. Phenol and TCA peels are used to give the skin an even skin tone and glowing complexion. There isn’t any downtime and this method renders a rejuvenated skin.
  • Needling or Rolling : This is a reliable method of scar reduction as a needle-studded device is rolled over the skin and the underlying tissues are re-energized. The microscopic needles penetrate deep into the upper layer of the skin and break up the acne scar tissue. This is an effective procedure as the downtime is zilch.
  • Nano Fat Grafting : To revive the youthful appearance, Nano Fat Grafting is the new buzzword. The tissues in the skin are augmented and the aim is to regenerate collagen and improve the skin texture. To get rid of facial depressions and scars and even to make the post-burn scars lighter, this procedure is gaining wide popularity.Autologous fat is used as fillers (through injections) for augmentation as well as contour correction procedures. This eases the patients of the psychological stress of disfiguring scars, wrinkles and skin discolorations. The fat is extracted from the patient’s body and then emulsified and purified before injecting intra-dermally or directly into the skin where scars are prominent. ‘Fat is the future of skin trauma revisions' and fat grafting has been a successful and most commonly used approach to treat scars and spots on the skin.
  • Laser Resurfacing : An absolutely safe technology for scar reduction is the laser skin resurfacing technology. This technology focuses on removing the damaged layer of the skin and stimulating the collagen production from beneath the skin. The most advanced technology in laser skin resurfacing is the AcuPulsetechnique.

Acupulse is the ablative laser technique useful for removing deep-rooted scars, repairing the damaged skin and improving the skin tone. To revive youth, treat shallow round, icepick or deep scars, AcuPulse is a name to reckon with. Dr.Prerna Mittal, Ludhiana is hands-down the best cosmetic surgeon in Punjab for the AcuPulse and she has given marvelous results with this magical boon.

3. How does AcuPulse Work?

AcuPulse laser technique reconstructs the skin's structure and noticeable changes can be seen within a single sitting. In this process, small channels are created for removing scar tissues and it triggers the pace of new elastic fiber and collagen for smooth new skin. The best part is it leaves the unaffected area between the channels and this expedites the healing process.

In this process of fractional laser technique, with the help of intense laser microbeams, deep and narrow columns are created in the skin and the scars are treated deeply. The unaffected area is treated mildly.

Duration of AcuPulse Sitting

The session lasts around 30-40 minutes and new tissues begin to generate to heal the scars.

Number of Sittings

The number of sittings varies depending on the area of the scars and the intensity of the scar. If the area around eyes, mouth and cheeks has to be treated, usually 2-3 sittings would be required. Usually, this laser is a process of three to four treatments for the results to be effective.

The Best Skin Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

For flawless skin and complexion, visit Dr.Prerna Mittal at Ludhiana. She is undoubtedly the best cosmetic surgeon who has proved her acumen in skin and acne traumas. Patients vouch for the efficacy of treatment in her hands. Her charming mannerism that makes them comfortable is awe-aspiring. She is equipped with the latest technology and blessed with ample knowledge. AcuPulse is a phenomenal technology which is very effective in reducing the scars and she is a maestro at this technique. Feel free to consult her and get rid of the blotchy little miscreants on your skin bothering you.

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