Mommy Makeovers Surgery in Ludhiana & Chandigarh, Punjab

Pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding are all an important part in the woman's life who wishes to be a mother. However, the joys of motherhood are accompanied by drastic changes in the physical appearance of a woman, which can sometimes devastate the confidence and happiness. Talk about the loose belly, sagging breasts, oversized breast, double chin or even loose arms and thighs are some dreadful changes which can take a toll on woman’s peace of mind.

Whether you are on a strict diet regime or indulging in vigorous gym exercise, the hormonal changes along with stretching of skin for over a year, the loose fat and sagging skin are here to stay. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, a few touch-up surgical interventions can help you regain the youthfulness and taut body. You are likely to regain the pre-pregnancy breasts and stomach. The process of addressing the woman's woes post pregnancy and post breastfeeding is called Mommy Makeovers. It involves a single surgery or a combination of surgeries in a single session so as to help the mommy regain the confidence and good looks. The secret best part is you may even look better than your pre-pregnancy days.

What Are The Different Types Of Mommy Problems?

The post-pregnancy stomach becomes loose and slouchy. The flab becomes too rigid and stays despite vigorous exercise and dieting.

Solutions - Liposuction and and Tummy Tuck

The breasts experience a phenomenal shift. The breast becomes loose and sagging post breast-feeds.

Solutions - Breast Lift

Some women complain of shrinking breasts and that their breasts become embarrassingly small.

Solutions - Breast Augmentation

The arms and thighs become flabby and sagging and cause discomfort.

Solutions - Arm lift and Thigh Lift

Due to overall weight gain, the face and neck become bouncy and literally swell up

Solutions - Face Liposuction and Neck Liposuction

As a result of evolving technologies, cosmetic surgeons can actually relieve you of all the post-pregnancy stresses and make you look more glamorous than the pre-pregnancy phase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Eligible for Mommy Makeovers?

A woman who has completed childbearing and stopped breastfeeding is eligible for the surgery.

Following are some more insights:

i. The woman should be clear of the post-baby body goals so that the surgeon can recommend the best procedures.

ii. The woman should be sure of not planning to have another baby.

iii. She should be completely free from breastfeeding.

iv. Your body weight should be relatively stable for some time.

v. You should be ideally a non-smoker for effective results.

vi. You must be in overall good health.

If you meet the above criteria and are keen for body contouring, feel free to seek help on mommy makeovers.

2. What are the options available in Mommy Makeovers?

Mommy makeover Surgery can be a single surgery or multiple surgeries in a single session or more than one session for multiple surgeries. This depends on the following factors:

  • The requirement of the patient
  • The expectations and goals of the patient
  • The complications involved, if any

Following are the procedures available which can help the patient get rid of the post-baby traumas:


Liposuction is a surgical procedure aiming at removing any extra fat from specific areas of the body such as abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks or neck. Also known as Body Contouring or Lipoplasty, this is the most recommended name in a mommy makeover. This intervention uses the suction method.

You should consider liposuction if you have accumulated fat in specific areas and are generally a stable weight person otherwise. This can be performed in combination with other cosmetic procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), facelift or breast reduction surgeries.

There are various types of liposuction surgeries depending on the need of the patient. What is most astounding is the latest VASER Liposuction technique. This is a painless and minimally invasive fat removal technique for stubborn fat. This outpatient surgery is gaining popularity because of its effective and quick results.

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

What bothers women post-delivery is the loose and stubborn belly fat, which refuses to budge even after rigorous exercise. The latest techniques of fat removal around the abdominal walls, removal of underlying fat from the abdominal skin and removal of a loose flap of skin left after removing abdominal fat is termed as Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck.

There are various types of Tummy tuck surgical interventions depending on the elasticity of skin, the amount of subcutaneous fat, and age and health conditions of the patient.

This surgical intervention is gaining popularity as an increasing number of women are opting for this procedure to attain a taut and flat abdomen. After all who wants a loose and protruding paunch!

Breast Reduction

Disproportionately large and droopy breasts are the inherent outcomes of being pregnant and breastfeeding the baby. The joys of breastfeeding are accompanied by oversized and sagging breasts.

No more brooding as the latest surgical intervention of Breast Reduction makes the breasts appear smaller and proportionate to the body anatomy. Also known as Reduction Mammoplasty, this surgical procedure aims at reducing the size of the breast and reshaping it. This helps patients achieve symmetrical and well-shaped breasts post-pregnancy

An overnight stay in the hospital may be required. For women who do not anticipate breastfeeding in future and are no longer presently breastfeeding are eligible for this magical intervention.

(You will be partially relieved of post-partum depression too.)

Breast Lift

Breast Lift or Mastopexy is the ultimate surgical intervention to help patients get rid of droopy and gravitated breasts. Due to pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding, the worst affected are the breasts which tend to point downwards, lose their shape and position. The process of breast lift helps invigorate youth and perkiness in the breasts.

This surgery not only treats and refines the breasts but also revives the confidence and youthful appearance of the patients.

This intervention can also be combined in conjunction with breast reduction if the patient wishes so. This is an outpatient surgery and the patient can resume work within a few days.

Face Liposuction

To get rid of the extra bulkiness on the face, the cosmetic surgeon recommends face liposuction. This cosmetic intervention aims at reducing or removing isolated deposits of fat under the chin. The jaw area is commonly treated area and usually gives excellent results. The skin is tightened and the patient looks much younger and radiant with a toned face. The results that are derived in face liposuction cannot be achieved by serious dieting or exercising alone.

Face Liposuction can either be done alone or in conjunction with facelift or neck lift. Unwanted fatty tissue is removed with a cannula and vacuum device which targets to improve and enhance facial features. This outpatient procedure is gaining huge popularity.

Neck Liposuction

Due to weight gain in pregnancy, you are left with loose and sagging skin around your neck. It is usually an overlooked part, but it plays a very significant role in your looks. Excess submental fat in the neck or so-called 'double chin' makes you look overweight.

The field of cosmetic surgery has a solution called neck liposuction. This is a semi-invasive surgery which helps in contouring the features and creates a smooth and firm neck. With a minimum downtime, this process will render a youthful, sculpted neckline and offer long-lasting results.

VASER Neck liposuction is the latest technique which offers far better results. VASER emits thermal energy which causes the neck skin to contract and restore the youthful appearance of the neck and makes you look beautiful.

Arm and Thigh Liposuction

With the overall weight gain in the wake of pregnancy and delivery, the most often ignored areas happen to be your arms and thighs which gain stubborn fat disproportionately. Liposuction of these two flabby areas is gaining popularity as it deals with fat which is resistant to diet control or bicep curls and squats.

With a thin tube called ‘cannula’ the accumulated fat is removed from the arm or thigh. This gives the arm and the thighs a lean, toned and proportionate shape. Once you get rid of the uneven flab on your arms and thigh, you can easily flaunt your fitted leather pants or your off-shoulder top!

VASER liposuction is an innovative advanced liposuction technique which emulsifies the fat and offers targeted contouring of arms and thighs. This is an unmistakable technique which will give long-lasting results on the loose and fleshy arms and thighs.

Liposuction of Back

Post-pregnancy patients who have heavy back or loose accumulated skin around the back are often recommended liposuction which can offer tremendous improvement. Following are the fat areas that can be treated with liposuction:

  • Infra-scapular fat
  • Posterior Waist fat
  • Posterior Axillary fat
  • Lumbo-sacral fat pad
  • Buffalo hump

For a smooth and proportionate upper and lower back, back liposuction will help you feel confident about your smooth and proportionate body. Irrespective of the vigorous exercise focusing on the problem areas, women find it difficult to get rid of the fat that accumulates and stays glued to the back. As a result, VASER Liposuction offers long term improvements in the fat level of the back and makes you look confident

3. How to Choose the Best Surgeon for Mommy Makeovers?

You are nearly over with the post-partum depression or want to get quick and permanent fixes to your stubborn fat which isn’t responding to exercise and dietary changes. As a result, your hunt of the best cosmetic surgeon is the most called-for move. Following are some points which will help you choose the best cosmetic surgeon for mommy makeovers:

i. Qualifications

The surgeon should be well-qualified and be a member of the Board of Cosmetic surgery. A well-educated and certified practitioner will give you the best results.

ii. Experience

The number of years of practice helps in endorsing confidence about the surgeon. The more the number of years, the more is the success rate probability.

iii. Successful Cases and Testimonials

The testimonials and the number of successful mommy makeovers done determine the finesse in the hands of the cosmetic surgeon. Try and contact the previous patients and read the testimonials to judge the quality of work the surgeon does.

iv. Photos

A careful comparison of ‘after’ and ‘before’ photos gives a brilliant cue into the acumen of the cosmetic surgeon. You should ask for and compare the pictures of mommy makeover patients.

v. The Clinic and Staff

The ambiance of the clinic, the approach of the staff and the overall amicability will help you make up your mind about the surgeon. The clinic should be well-equipped, clean and hygienic.

Dr. Prerna Mittal is the most renowned name in the field of cosmetic surgery in Ludhiana and Punjab. A Board certified practitioner leaves no stone unturned in understanding her patients and performs aesthetic and functional cosmetic surgeries with dexterity and precision.

She is a specialist in the mommy makeover field and has performed innumerable successful mommy makeovers in a single surgery or a combination of more than one surgery. She has been one amongst the first to introduce the VASER Liposuction technique to Punjab and help the patients with their fat traumas.

For any queries or consultation feel free to contact her. She would be glad to answer and help you with your dilemmas.

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