Laser Hair Removal – Must-Do Checklist

Gone are the days when hair removal was an incommodious task. The laser has brought a miraculous change in the tedious job of hair removal. Now the question is not the removal but how to make it more lucrative. Do you wish to make this experience a notable one? Are you inquisitive to know easy in hand options to make the laser hair removal in ludhiana a WIN-WIN situation?

Following are some very simple ways to get the best out-turn through the laser hair removal:

Before the Treatment

Pre-care is equally important in a laser treatment as the post laser care is. Pre-care is the building block for a successful laser treatment and the following points should be monitored to get the best outcome:

  • Checking the suitability of the skin type

To get the best results from a laser treatment you need to be sure about the compatibility of your skin. The process of laser hair removal in ludhiana works by aiming at breaking down the melanin (the pigment that is responsible for the color of hair) in the hair follicle, so this treatment works best to remove coarse, dark hair as compared to red, blonde, grey, or white hair. Moreover, it is not beneficial for women with polycystic ovaries disease or other hormonal problems. Last of all, it does not give any output on the ones under medication. In order to have the best consequence, the above prerequisites must be sorted.

  • Consult a technician

A technician can examine the health before the treatment so as to know its success rate. He will also run a patch test to decide whether laser treatment would bear fruits or not and if yes, which process will give the best fruitage according to the skin and hair category.

  •  Circumvent tanning

It is very important to avoid the suntan for at least six weeks before the treatment in order to fetch the best effect. Getting a laser treatment with tanned skin can cause burns and blisters. Therefore, it calls for a tan-free skin to see the thoroughgoing effect of laser on hair removal.

  • No caffeine at least 24 hours erstwhile your treatment

Caffeine causes increased reactions. Therefore, to have a hushed laser treatment you must not intake caffeine in any form from at least a day before the appointment. This will aid and abet to have a soothing feel of the treatment and hence enhance the results.

  • No plucking, only shaving

It is a common myth that laser targets hair whereas it focuses on hair follicles. In order to take the best advantage of laser hair removal, it is advised to stop plucking, pulling or waxing of hair at least 6 weeks before. Instead, the skin must be shaven properly before the treatment so that the roots are clearly in contact with the rays and no surface hair are affected or burnt. One thing to be kept in mind is that shaving must be done a day or two before so that no cuts or damages by the razor are apparent.

  • Turn up with clean skin

When you enter for a laser hair removal, make sure you have washed your skin gently to remove all sorts of dirt, make-up or oils from your skin to augment the effect of the laser. This enables the laser beam to penetrate into the skin with a much limpid approach.

During The Treatment

There is no hard and fast rule or restriction for the same but only the following criteria need to be tailed:

  • Tête-à-tête with the technician

Keep exchanging your feelings and views during the treatment with your technician without any hesitation so that he/ she knows the instant upshots and can keep modulating the service so as to get the best results and avoid any repercussions.

After the Appointment

Here comes the most important category where the following points of reference need to be adhered to in order to be fully satisfied with the treatment, leaving no dearth for any negligence.

  • Avoid shaving for a few days

Unlike waxing, laser treatment takes a longer time to shed off all the unwanted hair. You need to have patience during that time and avoid shaving in order to get the best results from the treatment.

  • Escape the sun

Exposure to the sun should be strictly prohibited. Just as before the treatment sun was avoided so should be done after the treatment. In this situation, it should be adhered to sternly. There is a BIG NO to suntan. In case going out in the sun is important, properly advised sunscreen lotion must be used. If proper precautions are taken from the sun, the skin can do wonders.

  • Say No to Hot Water Showers

After the treatment Hot water showers may be in the form of Sauna, Steam, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, etc. should be avoided for a while. Even while taking a bath, hot water should be avoided. If needed only lukewarm water can be used as the skin is quite sensitive at this time and must be taken extra care of. Cool water is the best remedy for mollifying the skin.

  • Apply ice or cold packs to numb the treated area

Laser hair removal treatment leaves the skin with a slight burning sensation. In order to avoid that discomfort and have subdued healing effect ice cold packs can be used to numb the affected area. One thing to be kept in mind is that excess of everything is bad so it should be done just for a few minutes after short intervals for initial two-three days.

  • Aloe Vera- A Must To Be Used

Aloe Vera which is considered to be a boon for skin remedies is well- known for its soothing and healing qualities. It can be used in its authentic form to curb all the issues such as inflammation, redness or itching post hair removal. The Aloe Vera gel can be taken out of the plant and applied to the skin like a pack. This process can be repeated 2-3 times in a day till the issues vanish.

  • Say bye-bye to make up for a day or two

The skin is quite sensitive just after the hair removal. The hair follicles need time to adapt to the new conditions. So it is important to leave the skin bland for at least 48 hours without putting on any sort of make-up products, not even concealer. If it is an insistence then only moisturizer based product can be used.

  • Put strenuous exercise on hold for 48 hours

 The skin is very sensitive just after hair removal so any kind of overheating of the body or sweating from the pores can irritate the treated area and lead to inflammation. Moreover, skin is less defensive against the bacteria at this stage so avoiding hard physical exercise at this point of time will help the skin heal faster. Raising the body’s temperature through exercise can also irritate the treated area. Wait at least 48 hours before strenuously exercising. Milder exercise, such as walking, is okay.

  • Special cleansing routine

 The treated skin can be cleaned using a specially designed skin sensitive cleanser. And the skin needs to be washed only 1-2 times a day that too with cool water. After 2-3 days or once the redness disappears, the skin can resort back to its normal routine. Even the moisturizer so used after the treatment needs to be fully compatible as per the urge of the skin.

In a nutshell, laser hair removal in ludhiana has made the waxing and tiresome job of repetitive hair removal much stress-free. And if we follow the above-mentioned course of advice, the treatment would be added with a feather on the cap. The purpose of laser hair removal in ludhiana will have paramount excellence if the said set of precautions is contemplatively observed. If your criteria are value for time and money, you must once consider Dr. Prerna Mittal for the treatment. Her diligence, proficiency and experience are upright and dependable. Her entire structure from pre-care to the appointment, treatment procedure using the marvelous technology of Sopranoice Platinum and post-care are unimpeachable. You can call on +91-9815711571, +91-8968412571 for booking an appointment with the doctor and gaining access to her competency and knowledge.