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Breast Lift in Ludhiana & Chandigarh, Punjab

A woman’s body is well defined by its contours. Breast shape and breast position are the primary factors indicative of good looks. A droopy, sagging breast makes you feel uncomfortable and conscious. Let the advanced sciences and surgery help you resurrect, enhance or lift the breast. The process of breast lift is technically known as Mastopexy. It involves uplifting sagging breasts and redefining the youthfulness in the appearance of breasts. The surgeon raises and repositions the breast to give them a fuller and firm look.

Well-contoured, well-positioned and proportionate breasts make you appear fuller and smarter. The surgical process of breast lift aims at enhancing the patient’s confidence and enhances the personality. Following are the reasons which necessitate the breast lift surgery:

i. Gravity

ii. Age and body dynamics

iii. Pregnancy

iv. Breast feeding

v. Dramatic Weight Loss

While the age and gravity make the breasts droopy, pregnancy and breast feeding make a phenomenal change in the breasts and sometimes make the nipple and areolas pointing downwards. This makes you appear dull (especially if you wish to wear well-fitted shirts or dresses). The best motivation is that you can flaunt your body in your favorite outfit and feel confident about it !

Even if you are happy with the size of the breasts but apprehensive about the droopy nipples and areolas, breast lift comes to your rescue. To get rid of the issue of sagging and droopy breasts, the breast surgery is performed by expert cosmetic surgeons after a lot of introspection and consultation.


An easy self-test that you can do yourself is to put a pencil under the crease of your breast. If it stays there without support, breast lift is the right cure for you and you will definitely benefit from this surgical intervention.

Some Quick Facts

Duration of the Surgery : The surgery lasts for 2-3 hours

Anesthesia : The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia.

Length of Stay : Breast lift is usually an outpatient surgery but in some cases the patients might have to stay overnight.

Breast Lift And The Size Of The Breasts

Breast lift impacts the position of the breast and doesn’t affect the size of the breasts. However, there are two separate surgical processes called Breast Augmentation (also called augmentation mastopexy) which enhances the breast size or Breast Reduction (also known as reduction mastopexy) which minimizes the breast size. These surgeries aim at reviving the desired breast size and breast lift can be performed in conjunction with these interventions. Either of these surgeries can be done along with breast lift to get the desired cup size and position of the breasts.

Pre-Breast Lift

You need to consult your cosmetic surgeon before considering a breast lift. The surgeon shall assess you and take note of your medical history along with your expectations. The implications and complications of the surgery will be duly discussed and the surgeon will apprise you of the precautions you need to take care of after the surgery.

Be specific about your expectations and what bothers you particularly about your breasts.

During The Breast Lift

It isn’t a very complicated procedure if approached correctly. The position of the nipples and areolas are marked, anesthesia is administered and the surgery is done. The surgeon will remove extra flaccid skin and lift up the breast tissue to the proper location.

1. The surgeon will first mark the position of the nipples at its raised best while you are standing.

2. Anesthesia helps to relax and relieve pain. In general anesthesia you tend to sleep during the surgery.

3. The surgeon then makes an incision around the areola. The cut can be extended down the front of the breast from bottom of the areola to the crease.

4. Extra skin is then removed so that the breasts can appear firmer and protruding at the front.

5. With the help of stitches and skin adhesives, the incisions are then closed. These incisions are made at places where they aren’t usually visible.

Breast lift can be accompanied by breast augmentation or reduction surgeries. The aim of all the procedures is to give you the desired breast fullness, volume and position.

Post-Breast Lift

Following are some points which you need to take note of post the surgery:

1. Pain medications might be needed. Wear the bra or the support dressing as recommended by the surgeon.

2. You can resume work within 7-10 days. A week-off from work would suffice for recovery.

3. Follow the medications and diet as specified by the surgeon.

4. Stay-off from smoking. Smoking can cause wound-healing delays.

5. Avoid heavy lifting for at least a month and a half for recovery to be undeterred.

With these precautions, the healing and recovery will be faster. You need to adhere to the specifications prescribed by the surgeon.

Repeat Breast-lift: Some women might need a repeat breast lift as a part of the ‘touch-up’ procedure to improve the minor defaults and further enhance the overall appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Prerna Mittal is the best cosmetic surgeon of Punjab. She is the best Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Breast lift surgery expert. Having performed innumerable successful breast lift surgeries, testimonials speak volumes about her persona and skill. The dexterity with which she performs the surgery, the patience with which she answers the clients and the manner in which her charming aura makes the patient comfortable is outstanding. The patient safety is of utmost importance to her and she genuinely guides her patients with the implications and needs of the surgeries.

Feel free to contact her for any queries or consultation.




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    Akshay Thakur - Chandigarh

    She is the best across the state ive ever visited for skin treatments and facials. She guides the patients very well and gives them the results. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for any treatment, or facials.

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    I love the red carpet facial and recommend to all men and women. It gives an instant glow and makes the skin 2-3 shades lighter. It’s a special med spa procedure they have and takes about 40 minutes. I haven’t seen such an excellent treatment anywhere in the city and around

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    Gurleen Sidhu - Ludhiana

    Refine clinic the only clinic having two world class laser hair removal machines ___ Soprano ice platinum and Triton inmode diolaze, and they club the treatments, which gives best results for hair removal problems. Wow , very happy with treatment. Dr prerna mittal always brings best machines.

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    Aehem Singh Sekhon - Moga

    Awesome staff and services..Hygiene and customer satisfaction given due priorities. Have been a customer since 2 years and consider continuing in future as well

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