The Journey Towards Flatter Abs

The Journey towards Flatter Abs

Sounds like a dream come true! The world of social media and undeterred access to Facebook profile pictures of friends and friends of friends makes you feel that something is not right. The friend with perfect muscles and abs, the friend with a perfect tucked-in shirt with slim-fit jeans or the slim super-sexy lady in mid-50s defying the age norms! All seem to have one thing in common for which you are craving a lot at the moment.

You have been crash-dieting on and off, though it might have turned into yo-yo diet plan out of frustration. You might have been exercising to the last bone but something is amiss. The stubborn belly fat is refusing to budge and making you look obese and bulky. You might be sad or depressed but this is not the end of the world! The irony is that the tummy fat is usually the first to show and last to leave. Life gets miserable when you wear your favorite buttoned shirt and the last few buttons spring open as you sit. Alas! You hate everything around suddenly.

Hello to the young mommy on board! After you deliver cute, little miniature-you, your life transforms for what may seem like an eternity. The initial stages might seem like a ‘dream come true’, but when you see the indelible fat, you realize that some changes aren’t for good. Can you relate to this dilemma?

Is there a Solution?

All you want right now is to get rid of the belly fat and wear a smartly fitted shirt. You are reeling under the pressure of reducing the burgeoning tummy weight. Even after trying rigorous exercises and strenuous diet, you seem to be failing each day. You wonder if there is anything beyond diet and exercise that can assimilate and absorb the protruding tummy skin.

The science and technology have brought in a new blessing called Abdominoplasty or the Tummy Tuck Surgery. This is not only a very effective stubborn fat-removal technique; it is also a new rage for better health prospects. Yes, a slimmer tummy and flatter abs make you look fit and swanky. A tummy tuck is the process wherein excess fat is removed and weakened muscles are strengthened to render a smooth and firm abdominal profile. Correcting the contours of the abdomen is the target of surgical intervention. This surgery is making the dream of millions come true as their quest for a firm and flat tummy is met with.

This surgery is popular among both men and women who have faced fluctuations in weight incessantly and this eventually resulted in loose, sagging skin. You are eyeing to wear the neon swimsuit to the beach party but are flummoxed with the bulging tummy. Don’t know what to do? Hold on as tummy tuck relieves you of the stress.

Are There Any Devil Reasons That Landed you in This Trouble?

There is no effect without a cause. The reasons why this tummy has bulged over a period can be many.

You need to understand if it is because of the recent delivery first time or has it aggravated because of the second baby.

Have you been a victim of sedentary lifestyle caught in the warp of increasing age?

Has the body been a victim of prior surgery gone wrong?

Is obesity or protruding belly a gift of genetics? Does this body type pass on with genes? Heredity doesn’t just pass on a beautiful smile or the cute dimples alone! Apparently, there is a lot more that goes along with the package.

Are you the one who monitors weight daily and steps on the machine each day morning without fail? It seems your weight fluctuates way too much.

If any of the above reasons is what you can resonate with, it implies you have an uncalled and irrelevant cause of stress on your plate. You certainly must have tried your hands on diet and exercise and now a call has to be taken. The new-age Abdominoplasty surgery is what reckons you and will give you a new leash of life within weeks. After all, you deserve all the happiness and a contended new-you.

Is there any word of caution?

Usually, this surgery is accompanied by mommy makeover intervention so that the loose skin can be done away with. The protocol is you need to be sure that you aren’t getting pregnant anytime again so that the outcome of the surgery cannot be challenged.

Men and women have to be sure that they are at the lowest weight possible after the diet regime and exercise. This eliminates the chances of the weight bouncing back and rendering the effects of surgery futile.

Another word of caution is that you must keep the expectations realistic and discuss with your surgeon at length. Any hypothetical image of a zero-figure celebrity in your mind may torment you eventually. You need to have a clear vision as to what can be established post-surgery.

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Moreover, the surgeon might prescribe a few medicines prior to the surgery and may prohibit the usage of certain medicines too. Make sure you are well aware of all the do’s and don’ts of the surgery.

Once you are at a stable weight and mentally prepared to be in a new avatar post-surgery, immediately stop smoking. This kind of medical intervention reaps better results if you are a non-smoker.

There may be certain risks associated with the surgery like poor wound healing or scarring. There may be changes in skin sensation for a while and there might be fluid accumulation beneath the skin in some cases. Rest assured these risks post-surgery can easily be negated at the hands of a proficient cosmetic surgeon.

The safest flatter abs formula in today’s time is a tummy tuck.

A Surgery just for Flat Tummy

Who says tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty deals only with flat tummy? There are a multitude of medical benefits that sway along. Here is a glimpse of the list of benefits of Abdominoplasty:

A decrease in Back Pain

With excess weight, men and women are usually reeling under the pressure of chronic back pain. Even post-delivery women complain of continuous back pain due to weak muscles. The tummy tuck helps in removing excess stomach fat and surgically tightens the weakened muscles which enhances strength to the back muscles.

Improves Posture

A strong abdominal muscle and decreased backache will result in a straight posture. With lesser flab and improved posture, the spine will be more supportive and strong.

Treat the Problem of Ventral Hernia

This hernia is like a pouch when the intestines break through intestinal walls. The tummy tuck can correct the ventral hernia by strengthening the weak stomach muscles and reducing the pressure on the abdominal walls.

Amidst the heavy medical terminology, you must not forget the relevance of a strong boost to your self-image and self-confidence. You will be really confident and a happy soul with the increase in confidence and self-image.

Stop Knocking the Doors!

You are now convinced that something good is waiting for you. Simply stop knocking all doors and stop running from pillar to post. The best cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab is Dr. Prerna Mittal who is widely acclaimed all across Punjab for successful tummy tuck procedures. With the latest VASER Abdominoplasty, she has proved her mettle in making people live a second life literally. Do not hesitate to consult her and understand the effects of the surgery on your body and mind.

With appropriate pre-surgery and post-operative care and instructions, this effervescent surgeon has taken the tummy tuck to another level making it a blessing for the patients who have long endured the suffering of looking out-of-shape.

Last Words to a New Life

Fear no more and give yourself a second chance to live life all over again. Plan a nice beach holiday and flock your new bikini or the new trunks you have always wanted to wear. God gives you only one life but Abdominoplasty is giving you a reason to live that life all over again with utmost passion and vigor. Get over with the mental inhibitions and seek the help of the best cosmetic surgeon to revive the spirit of partying and celebrating this one life. Let the candle on the birthday cake keep guessing the real age. Let your partner be in awe of your looks and confidence. Let the happy smiles stay there forever as you enter a boardroom with a formal shirt tucked in your favorite pants.