The Best Therapy to Stay Slim

The Best Therapy to Stay Slim- Abdominoplasty is the Name

It so happens that post-delivery the fat seems stuck around the lower abdomen and hips, making your hourglass figure appear like a circle at the bottom. What’s worse is the stubborn tendency of the fat that doesn’t budge with any amount of dieting or strenuous exercises! Your relentless efforts are not even melting an inch of the belly fat. You have started feeling worried and depressed because of this.

Or are you the one who has been gifted obesity and tendency to put on weight by hereditary? Unfortunately, you have to bear the brunt of something you aren’t responsible for. No matter how less or consciously you eat, you are gaining inches around your waistline.

It becomes a grim scenario beyond control. Any external help seems futile and you are tired of haggling further. Life seems to be at a standstill! Wish there was some magical wand or a fairy coming in the pumpkin to give you the looks you dream of! You say it and we have it! Are you surprised?  Do not stop reading because each word is a solution to your ‘obesity-around-the –tummy’ woes. Sounds irrational? Well, it may. But the truth lays in the magical name- Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck. This is your way to getting rid of the tyres around the stomach, pave way for heightened confidence and make your life bliss.

The Nuances of Abdominoplasty

The surgery of ‘tummy tuck’ is also called ‘Abdominoplasty’ where excess skin or fat is removed and the underlying muscles are tightened. Due to weight loss cycles or excessive weight gain during pregnancy, the tissues and the underlying skin lose the elasticity and tenacity. This causes the skin to hang lose and adds to the bulky tyres in the middle and lower abdomen.
Tummy tuck comes as a welcome aid where sagging skin is removed and accumulated fat is taken out to give the patient a flatter and tighter waist.

Following are the most predominant reasons causing disfigurement, majorly in women:

  1. Pregnancy

The excessive stretching of muscles is the foremost reason that the skin loses elasticity and becomes loose and sagging. Major havoc is created in the abdomen area and that makes it the most difficult to reduce the ‘inch-gain’ around the abdomen.

  1. Fluctuations in Weight

The continuous vicious cycle of weight gain followed by excessive weight loss due to diet and exercise, then again weight gain for certain reasons causes a major imbalance around the tummy area as it makes the skin lose it vivacity and elasticity.

  1. Heredity

Our body is a gift of genes and if you are gifted a protruding abdomen, the struggle becomes difficult and no matter how cautious you are in eating or how particular you are while exercising, excess weight and loose skin become a part of you.

  1. Effects of a Prior Surgery

The loose abdomen skin can be a result of hormonal disturbance or the result of a prior surgery like bariatric surgery, sleeve surgery, gastric bands, etc. Due to these, the skin becomes loose and sagging.

Either of the reasons will make you feel conscious about the way you look and feel. Any fitted dress or your favorite pants haunt you as you just cannot wear them anymore. You have changed your dressing style and are just dealing with it craving to come back to your well-fitted dresses and swimwear.

The surgery ‘abdominoplasty’ is a boon as it resuscitates weakened abdominal muscles or separated abdominal muscles and gives a smoother and firmer abdominal profile.

With a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen, the excess skin is removed and then sutured.

The latest innovation in the field is VASER liposculpturing or ultrasonic-assisted liposculpturing which facilitates the process of contouring the tummy and expedites the process of a tummy tuck. It is relatively safer and faster and yields results that sustain for a longer time.

What is in Your Mind?

The process of abdominoplasty is safe and the risks are minuscule at the hands of an efficient cosmetic surgeon. If the risks and costs of the surgery bother you, contact the best ‘tummy tuck’ surgeon and discuss in detail. The benefits of the surgery physically and mentally (as it boosts the confidence tremendously) outweigh the costs and the efforts of the surgery by a sweep.

Dr. Prerna Mittal is simply the best when we talk of Abdominoplasty in Ludhiana, Punjab. She has successfully catered to hundreds of tummy tuck surgeries. The testimonial of one of her patients exemplifies how this surgery saved the lady from depression post two deliveries and cesarean surgery. She could revive her figure and felt like it was a new birth.

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Another client vouches how the surgery had saved her deteriorating relationship with her husband from reaching a divorce. These evidences are sure to tickle the nerve about the relevance of the surgery. Also if performed by an adroit specialist, the risks are reduced to a bare minimum and the probability of success rate is higher.

Without much ado, getting in touch with the best cosmetic surgeon and relieving yourself of the dilemma of looking good is the best thing you can do. The surgeon will guide you with a list of dos and don’ts and the precautions pre-surgery and post-surgery must be adhered to. The surgeon will ensure that the following conditions are fulfilled before heading for the surgery:

  • You should be in good overall physical health and attain a stable weight for over two-three months. Fluctuating weight can undo the contouring effects that the surgery gives. So attaining a stable weight is a prerequisite.
  • The expectations that you seek out of the surgery must be realistic.
  • Opt to be a non-smoker as this aids in quick healing post the surgery.
  • Ensure that you are not planning to get pregnant in the future and you aren’t even breastfeeding at the time of the surgery.
  • The surgeon might advise against the use of blood-thinning drugs or other specific medications if they are counter intuitive to the surgery.

It is advisable to arrange adequate assistance post-surgery to help you with children and household chores as the downtime can be considerable in some cases.

The Power of Tummy Tuck

The procedure of tummy tuck is sure to make your confidence soar higher when you reach within your aesthetic goals. As you flaunt your swimwear at the beach or your pretty LBD at the cocktail party, you see yourself gleaming all over the event. Why not fish for compliments now?

With realistic expectations and judiciously following the checklist pre-surgery and the medications post-surgery, you are sure to reap the benefits of the surgery for a long time. The obvious advantage is there is no more struggle to keep checking the weight each morning or keep a track of everything that you eat. By no means, this surgery is a substitute for weight loss or better health programs. You have to make sure that you continue to follow the right and healthy diet pattern and adhere to a fitness program for sustained results.

Gone are the days when the conventional tummy tuck would take months or maybe a year for a full recovery. With the technological advancement the downtime has considerably shrunk, the intervention time quickened and the result sustained over a long period of time. The mini tummy tuck and the drain-free surgeries are making the whole process less cumbersome and convenient.
All you have to do is invest your time in the right amount of research and consult the Board certified surgeon to discuss the goals and targets. Ensure the success rate of the surgeon is high and the number of the successful surgeries performed is substantial.

The Final Words

The Tummy tuck surgery in Punjab can make you live your dreams finally. Why shy taking a selfie in gym clothes? Why dread from wearing a body-hugging gown? Why not post the love-struck picture of the two of you relaxing on the beach? If you have struggled too much with your flab and hidden in a cocoon away from friends and parties, it’s time to seek the best results from Abdominoplasty. As Matt Morris says, ‘In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take!’ The tummy tuck is welcoming you with arms wide open to unleash a confident and a happier you. All you need to do is be ready to take the course in connivance with the best cosmetic surgeon Dr.Prerna Mittal in Punjab.