Knock your way to youthful skin

Knock Your Way to Youthful Skin

You are excited and all geared up for your 40th birthday. A gala cruise is booked with candlelight dinner by the bay for the special day. The perfect moon-lit skyline, dinner by the mesmerizing beach and the cool breeze which takes your breath away is all so fairytale-like. The ‘dream come true’ celebration awaits you. A fascinating new dress to complement the mystical dinner is also ready. All you have to do is pack and head for the D-day.

Instead of jumping on all fours, there is something that holds you back. You are worried about something that even the best of your MAC and Estee Lauder are failing to hide each time you get dressed up. Is it the burden of sagging skin or the wrinkles and fine lines that bother you? You are not so happy with the age showing on the skin literally and you wish to move the clock backward.

Is the Time Machine for Real or Fiction?

Now you wish to sit in a time machine and reverse the aging process to revive your young and tight skin. The longing to look young with a firm, wrinkle-free skin has been building up each day as you gracefully age. You want the best of both the worlds as you claim a carefree life while you age and you wish to do so with the skin that you had while you were young.

You are a nice person taking in a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle. The chances of the skin looking dull and sagged are lesser but age defies none. Age is a powerful witch which shows its havoc and calamities in varying proportions. In your case, it seems to have opted to choose your face and neck and started forming lines around these.

You are on the hunt for a permanent solution, unlike the temporary solution the make-up or the anti-wrinkle cream provides. Is there anything that science has to offer? The answer is an absolute yes. The new rage on the buzz for refreshed and tightened skin is called Thread Lift.

What is Thread Lift?

The process of thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure. It works on the face, neck or jowls with the help of threads. These threads have cones or graspers on them and are passed under the skin with the help of a large needle. The cones grab the skin from under the surface and pull it to make the skin lifted. This results in a youthful and tightened skin.

Even Hollywood celebrities have reported having undergone thread lift to give the skin an ageless appearance. Gwyneth Paltrow has jumped back a few years of age in appearance and happily claims to have benefited from a thread lift.

A battle between Thread lift and Facelift

The ultimate goal of facelift and thread lift remains the same- facial rejuvenation and skin tightening. Both the procedures aim at making you look young and sparkly. However, you are caught in a battle between facelift and thread lift. You are in a dilemma as to what shall suit you better.

The battle is resolved in a simple liner that you don’t need to be a mummy with the face covered for a few days for recovery as in case of a facelift. Thread lift offers a better and quicker solution with minimum downtime.

Also, you will be amazed to learn that the thread lift intervention takes barely 40 to 50 minutes and you can get the desired result with the speediest recovery in no time. Threads are dissolvable sutures inserted in the skin, so there is no hassle of removal and hence the results are prominent in a span of two months.

You may easily drive back home as you are not under sedation as in case of a facelift. Even the help of the assistant isn’t needed in the initial recovery days in thread lift and hence you may resume work instantly. You can resume your household chores and take care of your children post a thread lift intervention. This low-risk procedure with just minor scarring or infection as side effects, is gaining popularity over other traditional skin rejuvenating and youth-recovery interventions.

Is There any Other Area of Concern?

The good news is that thread lift can treat other body parts too apart from the face. If you are worried about the sagging jawline or the loose folds of skin in your arms or buttocks, thread lift is the instant cure.

Also, the jowls, inner thighs, legs and even abdomen can be treated with a thread lift. This procedure is the easiest cure for loose and sagging skin and folds.

Even if you have got a Botox or filler done and it needs continuous upkeep, thread lift is the best next go-to thing which doesn’t need continuous visits and re-visits. No wonder thread lift is making the headlines since its inception because of ease and practicality. After all the celebrities of Hollywood and B-Town are endorsing and benefiting from this intervention. So why should you be an exception?

What’s in Store for you Mister?

A thread lift is a process for men and women alike. If you wish to look sizzling, even your better half will leave no stone unturned in matching your age and spirits. Since thread lift overpowers the shortcomings of a traditional facelift, it is hailed as the perfect beauty and anti-ageing solution for both the men and women.

The new and young macho look is hot and the in-thing. If you are a model or in the fashion or theatre industry thread lift becomes mandatory as the ageing signs start becoming visible. You need not necessarily be in the fashion industry to opt for a thread lift. If you are conscious about your appearance and looks and wish that some of Pandora’s secrets of youthful skin are unveiled, thread lift is here for you.

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The Secret behind the Magical Potion

This intervention is almost magical as it lifts your skin instantly. The fear of wrinkles or folds or sagging skin can now easily be dealt with. You may wonder how this magical intervention works. The cosmetic surgery suspends the loose skin by stitching up portions of it. This process lifts and tightens the skin.

The secret why this intervention is highly sought after lies in a simple phenomenon that it activates the healing process of the body. This happens as the collagen production is activated in the treated area. Collagen is the ‘growth cell’ that affects skin elasticity and restores youthfulness. The skin becomes strong, supple and appears voluminous with the increased collagen production.

With the increase in age and other factors, the production of collagen decreases over a period of time. This starts showing in the form of ageing skin and wrinkled looks because of loss in volume and strength. Thread lift has the inherent property of infusing collagen which reduces looseness, thickens the skin gradually and strengthens it to prevent further damage.

This process ensures that the skin is rejuvenated with the sutures and is prepared to rejuvenate itself in future too. A continuous and ongoing rejuvenation is ensured in the process of thread lift and that makes you look younger in the future because the skin tone and firmness are improved constantly.

Are you ready?

With realistic expectations, you must not think twice and consult the best cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Prerna Mittal is the most renowned surgeon in Punjab. She has gained the stature of best cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab who has done many successful thread lift interventions and helped patients restore the youthful looks. She has a pleasant aura which makes the patients comfortable in discussing and resolving any kind of doubts. She is adept at discussing the pros and cons, the procedure and the after-effects of the surgery.

A thread lift is a paradigm shift in the facial rejuvenation procedures.

The Final Words

A thread lift is the new facelift in Punjab with refined features and overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional facelift. Now that you have a holiday planned or your 40th birthday bash lined up on charts, all you need to do is get out of the age barriers. Look young and feel young, both physically and in the mind. Make the most of your occasions and create beautiful memories by waving adieu to wrinkles and crow lines around the face and skin of any body part.