Facts about Fat Transfer Treatment

Artificial implants and tissue removal had been the basic techniques for body contouring procedures till recently. However, with the improvement in fat grafting, it is increasingly becoming popular as one of the more preferred cosmetic body shaping procedures all around the world.

Also known as fat transfer, it has helped thousands of men and women gain their desired body without the more costly and complex cosmetic surgical route.

Fat Transfer – What is it?

Cosmetic fat transfer, also known as Fat Grafting, is an incredibly efficient and safe way to repair contour deformities. Fat transfer treatment is useful in adding volume to loosened tissues and thus improve the shape of your body overall.

It is often used in combination with another non-surgical cosmetic body contouring procedure however it is also performed as a stand-alone cosmetic procedure as well.

A fat transfer requires removing fat from certain areas of your body, such as the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, where loss of fat is always welcome. The removed fat is then properly processed to remove impurities. Next, the cosmetic surgeon will carefully insert your own fat into the areas that require improvement.

Fat Transfer – Who should get it?

Cosmetic surgeons choose men and women as candidates for cosmetic fat transfer treatment mainly based on the fact that they have sufficient amount of fat which can be safely removed from the patient’s body. Apart from this, the cosmetic surgeon will also check to see that the patient does not have serious underlying medical conditions, plans to keep a healthy lifestyle in the future and has realistic, practical expectations with the end results.

A detailed consultation with a renowned and experienced cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Prerna Mittal of Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab, will help to finally determine if you are an ideal candidate to undergo cosmetic fat transfer treatment.

Fat Transfer – Are there any risks?

Recent research studies unequivocally rate cosmetic fat transfer treatment as being completely safe. As it is a non-surgical treatment, the surgical risks normally associated with such cosmetic treatments are not present in cosmetic filler treatments.

Fat Transfer – How it helps

Cosmetic fat transfer procedure, apart from being a body contouring treatment, is also effective in other ways as well. It is being used in various other cosmetic procedures to gain excellent and improved results.

Some of the ways that fat transfer treatment helps are:

  • Improving previous results – Patients who experience unexpected and unsatisfactory results with temporary filler treatment can get excellent and complete improvement in the results with fat transfer treatment.
  • Breast restoration – Fat transfer is an incredibly safe and effective option for using to add volume in breast reconstruction surgeries. Cosmetic fat transfer is an excellent alternative to improve breast shape and size without the use of artificial implants.
  • Anti ageing solution – Cosmetic fat transfer is an excellent anti ageing solution as it works as a filler treatment too. Instead of using hyaluronic acid, Botox or other artificial filler, you can choose to your own fat and remove the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, especially from your face.
  • Body contouring – Last, but not the least, fat transfer treatment is an excellent and affordable body contouring treatment as well. It is often used in various forms of cosmetic body-shaping treatments across the world.

Fat Transfer – Where to get it?

Hundreds of men and women from India and abroad travel to Ludhiana, Punjab to undergo successful and satisfactory cosmetic fat transfer treatment at the hands of Dr. Prerna Mittal.
Using her immense experience as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mittal has helped many to regain their confidence and good looks with an incredibly safe and affordable cosmetic fat transfer treatment in India.