All You Need To Know Before Choosing Arm Lift Surgery

Tired of flabby arms? Have you had enough of the loose skin hanging down from your upper arms? Ageing and drastic weight-loss will often result in the skin losing its elasticity and drooping down, especially when you lift up your arms. Although there are no topical remedies that can fix sagging arms, the cosmetic arm lift surgery is an excellent solution.

Read on to know more about this amazing aesthetic-improving cosmetic treatment and learn all you need to know before choosing arm lift surgery in India.

What is Arm Lift surgery?

Arm lift, also called as “Brachioplasty”, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the way the under-sides of your upper arms appear.

In an arm lift, the cosmetic surgeon removes extra fat and excess skin from the area between your elbow and armpit. Once the excess fat and skin are removed, the remaining skin is carefully stretched over the area. This gives your upper arms a slimmer and makes your upper arms look noticeably toned.

When is Arm Lift surgery needed?

Advancing age naturally results in decline in skin elasticity, making your upper arms (and other prone areas on your body) become fatter and sag down. In addition, when you experience drastic weight-loss within a short period of time, it also results in the skin of the upper arm to become visibly loose and hang down.

Although exercising can successfully tone your arms with increased muscle volume, it is unfortunately insufficient to remedy the unwanted, additional skin hanging near your triceps because of lack of elasticity.

An arm lift is needed when you notice that the skin and tissue on the underside of your upper arms is sagging and hangs down noticeably.

Are there any risks in Arm Lift surgery?

There are always risks of complications in any form of surgical procedure, even cosmetic surgical procedures like an arm lift.

Some of the possible risks of complications include:

  • Numbness – Repositioning of tissue during an arm lift may result in affecting the superficial sensory nerves, thus causing temporary difference in sensation or outright numbness in your arm for a while.
  • Suture issues – Hidden sutures that are placed to hold the tightened arm tissues in place may resurface as the wound is healing. These can be easily removed by the cosmetic surgeon with a revision surgery.
  • Asymmetrical arms – Different people have different healing abilities. At times, the upper arm shapes may not match to each other, however there may be very slight, often unnoticeable difference in both the arms after the surgery as it is not possible to achieve perfect symmetry with a surgical procedure.
  • Scars – Although the incisions during arm lift are placed strategically so as not to be visible once the wound heals, there are times when the incision wounds may not heal properly, resulting in a raised, reddish scar to form in its place. The visible scarring can be remedied easily using scar-revision methods though.

Expert cosmetic surgeons in India, such as Dr. Prerna Mittal at Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab, take every possible precaution to avoid any of the above risks from developing after a successful cosmetic arm lift surgery.

How effective is Arm Lift surgery?

Your entire arm gets a completely toned and firm look once the excess droopy skin from the upper arms is removed. Arm lift surgery is extremely effective as the results last a significantly longer time.

However, it is important to remember that ageing and future fluctuation in weight may result in loss of firmness in the treated upper arm. Fortunately, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle helps to keep long-lasting visible results after a successful Arm Lift surgery with Dr. Prerna Mittal in Ludhiana, Punjab. Call or contact now to book an appointment for a safe, successful and affordable cosmetic Arm Lift surgery in India with Dr. Prerna Mittal.