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Clearer and Healthier Skin is Your Way to Happiness: Skin Whitening Treatment in Punjab

Come summers and you are all tanned! The beach holiday, long drives in the hot sun, the UV rays and some freckles here and thereby the end. The result is that your skin has gone for a toss. There are prominent marks and skin tone has darkened. In a flummoxed condition, you nearly switch to all the kitchen ingredients and are trying all possible fruits (and maybe vegetables) peels on your face. After having exhausted kilograms of kiwi, papaya and strawberries, you realize that the fancy skin tone lightening creams are drawing your attention.

And the mad rush to all possible brands begins to try out the various over-the-counter lotions and drugs to get an even skin tone. The so-called skin-whitening or skin-lightening creams fill your cabinets and you have left no stone unturned in reviving a youthful skin tone.

The face is the most prominent and conspicuous feature. No matter how confident or educated or even rich you may be, the beauty of the face is the first impression that you cast. The beauty standards have been set since time immemorial and it varies from country to country. But in general parlance ‘the clearers and healthier the better’ is the thumb rule.

What is your Dream?

You have more than what you need in life but at the moment you crave for a blemish-free, even and a lighter skin tone. The advertisements which claim a whitening skin tone have been catching your attention day in and out. Your confidence and how you perceive your self has dwindled tremendously. The negative self-image seems to play havoc on your personal and professional relationships.

More so with the celebrity influence and the effect of social media on your life, the urge for a clearer and healthier skin has been more prominent than ever. Your insecurity regarding your looks has been mounting high enough to lead you to the well of depression.

Blemish-free and Radiant skin complexion

Thanks to Science and Technology, Dr. Prerna Mittal has brought in Punjab revolutionary skin lightening treatments. The lady, who hails from the industrial hub of Punjab, Ludhiana, has actually been a stellar performer in bringing out happy faces with acne-free, blemish-free and radiant skin complexion.

She says that people with hormonal imbalance, freckles, blemishes, excessive sun exposure or unhealthy skin due to unhealthy lifestyle are worst affected. They are the ones who really crave for clearer and radiant skin. Being a pioneer in Soprano ICE Platinum technology in Punjab, she has been titled the best cosmetic surgeon in Punjab. Soprano ICE Platinum is a triple wavelength laser which is suitable for tanned and darker skin type also.

Understand the Skin and Its Needs

A deeper understanding as to what goes inside the body, under the skin will help you understand the reason for different skin tones. The amount of melanin under the skin determines the color of the skin. Melanin is the pigment that is produced by melanocytes. The melanin content is contingent on various factors like exposure to sun, hormones or genetics as well.

With overexposure to the sun, the melanin content increases and the skin darkens in complexion. What is noteworthy is that some people have dark patches on skin, pigments or even birthmarks. These may be permanent but the skin lightening laser treatments have known to lessen the evident influence of these scars on the face. The laser treatments will even out the skin tone and lighten the scars.

In eventualities of any accidents or any prior surgeries, if your face has any kind of marks or patches, the laser skin treatments will give the face a uniform look by lightening the overall skin tone and working on the strength of the patches.

You may, however, not be eligible for skin lightening treatments if you are pregnant or suffering from cancer or not in good general health.

What’s in the Treatment?

The topical lotions and oral medications have temporary results as they work on the epidermis layer of the skin. For a near-permanent solution the following treatments by Dr. Prerna Mittal, Refine Aesthetic Clinic Ludhiana, are highly recommended:

  1. Photofacials

Photofacials are the one-stop-shop answer to blemish-free skin. They use light-based technology to boost collagen and lighten blemishes.

The 3 Face machine by General Project (GP) is engaged to fix all the skin pigmentation issues. This works towards improving the appearance and texture of the skin. The three machines which are used in the process give a unified solution to all skin issues.

Photofacial or ‘Fotofacial’ is effective in treating hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, freckles, acne, rosacea and even melisma. There are no side-effects usually and even the post-care involves a simple list of do’s and don’ts. This treatment may initially be followed by chemical peels and Medifacials for even better results.

  1. Chemical Peels

These are mild peels which aim at enhancing the glow on the face and the results vary from each skin type. The tretinoin based peels work on skin whitening and skin lightening. The peels can easily peel off old and darker skin and the new layer that comes up is the desirable glowing layer of skin.

There are usually no side effects of chemical peels. To avoid any chemical burns or any other side effect, make sure you apprise the surgeon of your prior medical history and health conditions.

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  1. Medifacials

The name suggests that these are specially customized medical-grade facials that aim at revitalizing the skin. These facials are performed under medically accredited doctors and are a perfect answer to quench your search for healthy and happy skin.

  1. Lasers

Using the ablative and the non-ablative lasers, the laser intervention stimulates the collagen production and affects the melanin drastically. The pigmentation is reduced dramatically and the glow of the skin is restored. The results of the lasers are long-lasting and can be evident from the beginning sessions.

  1. MicroDermabrasion

This is the latest minimally invasive skin lightening treatment that renews the overall skin tone. A special applicator with an abrasive surface gently sloughs off the thicker outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it. It can treat stretch marks, pigmentation, enlarged pores, dull-looking skin and uneven skin tone. This procedure is suitable for all skin types and tones.

The Plan of Action

After understanding the various interventions you must seek an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon in Punjab, Dr. Prerna Mittal, who has tremendous experience in dermatology and skin whitening procedures. She will guide you according to the skin type, your expectations and the level of pigmentation.

Last Words:

It may be safe to conclude that skin lightening treatment is the need of the hour for a brighter and radiant look. This is your way to happiness by looking and feeling confident. However, it must be noted that this is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. You must adhere to a nutritious food pattern and a regular exercise pattern for sustained healthy skin results. Stay happy, look radiant and mark your happiness forever.

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