Fat Transfer Surgery in Punjab

Tick The Bucket List- Contours are Here to Stay

Come the summer holidays and the image of beaches and going for a vacation start lingering in mind. The white sandy beaches of Hawaii to the tropical Bora Bora beaches are calling. It’s time to pack and get refreshed with the azure and soothing coconut waters on a hammock. Ah! Let’s gear up to make memories.

Checklist- beach footwear, sunscreen, swimming goggles, sunglasses, sexy crop top and shorts and the quintessential swimming costume. Oops! That suddenly haunts you! You are too afraid to flaunt your de-shaped body in the costume. The nascent delivery and the stubborn fat have made the love handles pop out more than needed. On the contrary, the trauma areas like the under-shaped breasts or the skinny hands and sunken cheeks make you look haggard and weary. The confusion is what is worse- the protruding fatty love handles or the sunken, dented skin. Is there any way both the problems can be addressed? After all, you want innumerable pictures of your holiday and make it memorable!

The latest technology grants you a wish. Ahem! May you look just the way you desire! The process of Fat Transfer, also called Autologous Fat Transfer, is the new-age technology where fat from your own body (generally where it is in excess) will be injected into the areas which is deficient in fat or needs surgical correction. There is no cosmetic surgery more natural than using autologous fat. Now you can pack anything in your suitcase without any stress and inhibitions.

Why Do You Need Fat Grafting?

You may wonder as to why the changes that you see have occurred in the first place. For the most obvious reasons, you are out in the sun most of the day. Exposing your delicate face to the UV rays has caused most of the damage. Soaking up in UVA or UVB rays is now highlighting its tell-tale.

How is your lifestyle in general? Have you been living predominantly on unhealthy food choices and unhealthy habits like smoking too often and not being really careful about the skin? Wolfing down junk and the ‘quick’ food readily available has now robbed your skin off its sheen and youthfulness.

You may deny falling for any of the above ‘not-so-healthy’ practices. However, the demon of age is taking a toll on your ‘once upon a time happy skin’ and showing its wrinkle marks on the face, hand and feet. Oh! It hurts to see a new candle on the birthday cake now!
Have you been a victim of the scars of previous breast reconstruction surgery? The lacuna or the depression left after the cosmetic surgery needs to be filled and you seem worried about that.

The urge to look in the early 30s is now sulking inside you. You want to look resplendent in youth and show off the vigor and enthusiasm that was once all over you.

If there is any of the above reasons that you may relate to and is making you apprehensive of ticking the bucket list, you must simply surrender to the modern-day surgical procedure of autologous fat grafting.

Are You Worried About the Safety?

Autologous fat transfer or lipomodelling implies injecting your own body fat (usually high-fat areas like buttocks or tummy) to any body part that needs to be surgically rectified (breasts or face). What more can be safer than this! Zilch chances of risk or infection or even feeling any external implant or silicon filling inside you. Can’t we safely conclude this to be 100% natural?

There is a remote chance that the fat injected in body parts like breast may be re-absorbed by the body. But that is a rare chance and that too unlikely to happen if the surgery has been done by an expert cosmetic surgeon.

The Logistics of a Cosmetic Surgery

You seem buried under the weight of getting cosmetic surgery done! You have all the rights to look as fabulous as you wish and if that calls for safe invasive surgery, there is no reason you should be thinking twice about it. There is no smarter move than getting a fat grafting because this is absolutely natural fat transfer. Your own body fat is treated and injected in the desired area.

Fat is sucked out of the body part where it is in excess and unwanted. The removal of fat pertains to contouring the eye-sore body part. It’s almost like killing two birds with a stone. The stubborn fat, which otherwise refuses to budge, can now be sucked out and you will be relieved.
The intervention of fat transfer yields long-lasting permanent results. This process is like permanent facial rejuvenation or permanent rectification of hollow breast line or sunken hands and feet.

The good news is that the process of fat transfer is way more cost effective even when clubbed with BOTOX or any such treatment. The chances of any infection or allergy are negligible relative to the modern methods using Bovine fillers or external implants.

Who wants to look artificially enhanced? The best part is that the result is absolutely an inherent natural appearance unlike other processes using fillers. The artificial appearance makes you look detestable. Hence the results of this surgery are as close to completely natural.
The safety of the fat transferred is ensured in the three-step process of treating the fat. First, the excess fat is removed and then it is washed and purified in a centrifuge. Thereafter it is transferred to a micro-syringe which is carefully injected into the area where enhanced volume is desired.

In all likeliness, the procedure of autologous fat grafting wins hands down compared to any other conventional or modern augmentation processes.

The Punch Line

‘Fat transfer procedures are pretty contingent on the surgeon’. This implies that before ticking the bucket list you have to be doubly sure that you are visiting an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is Board certified and has performed successful surgeries. You must have heard of Dr. Prerna Mittal. She is the best-known surgeon for fat transfer surgery in Punjab. Any kind of procedure which involves Fat transfer to buttocks or Fat transfer to Breasts are her niche areas. She is known to empower patients with the looks they wish to attain.

For fat grafting surgery in Punjab, consult Dr. Prerna Mittal as she is the most widely-acclaimed cosmetic surgeon. She is known to share genuine opinion and suggestion with her patients.

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What Choices are You Being offered?

This combination of two words –fat transfer offers more than you can imagine. A quick analysis of your body contours can actually tell you what procedure to opt for. A myriad of corrections can be done and you can aim at a well-sculpted body at the end. Following are the choices that you can choose from before planning your vacation goals:

1. Breast Augmentation

If you are not naturally well-endowed or satisfied with the size of the breasts, the fat transfer comes in as an obvious choice. Even more, any kind of deformity after breast surgery can well be treated with fat grafting. Any hollowness, scars or dented appearance in the breasts can be rectified with this intervention. With breasts which are regular and symmetrical, you will see your confidence soaring much higher.
Even after mastectomy, the amendment to any kind of scar, damage or radiated tissue can be done with the fat grafting procedure.

2. Facial Fat Transfer

For facial rejuvenation, usually, a non-invasive fat grafting approach can be used. Facial fat transfer can be teamed with a facelift and the results can be dramatic. Increasing age, exposure to the sun, poor dietary patterns or incessant smoking can be reasons for a dull or hollow face with wrinkles and creases.

Facial fat grafting yields a natural upliftment and restores the supple youthful appearance. What’s better than a gleaming, young smile!

3. Hand Rejuvenation Fat Grafting

Are the skeleton vessels or tendons making your hands look wrinkled and old? Hand fat grafting means rejuvenating the hands that can do the talking. The fat grafting process makes your hands look nourished and enriched enough to flaunt the 2-carat solitaire ring you’ve just bought.

4. Buttock Enhancing Fat Grafting

Who doesn’t want well-rounded and well-shaped buttocks? If you wish to flaunt your legs in the red hot-pants during your trip or simply look swanky in that two-piece swimming costume, buttock fat grafting comes in as an aid. The process of buttock augmentation with autologous fat grafting gives natural, firm and voluminous appearance.

Final Words

You may feel you are spoiled for choices but the safety in the intervention is alluring enough. With autologous fat grafting, you can now look the way you wish and tick the bucket list without remorse!