The way to be new you- Facelift

The Way to be the New-You: Facelift

Nearing 40s isn’t so glamorous. Weak memory, hypertension, stressed back, brittle bones and knees and much more adds to it to make you realize that age is just not a number. The more you grow old, the lesser the stamina and efficiency are. There is so much more you could accomplish some ten years ago.

The worst is you are advised a regular use of anti-wrinkle lotions and under-eye creams. Skin is the most fragile when it comes to dealing with sun, stress and age. The more you are out in the sun; the more is the probability of tanning. The higher the stress level, the skin is fraught with acne and lines that exhibit the stress. Likewise, as you age, the susceptibility to wrinkles, fine lines and jowls is on the rise.

The realization that age can play havoc starts sinking in when you see the noticeable changes on the face. This brings in fond memories of the bygone past, the refreshing golden days of the youth start reviving in your mind where you used to sparkle with just a smile.

The Trauma Areas

When you start seeing visible crow lines under the eyes, loose skin around the jawline, sagging cheeks or deeply folded skin from nose to ears, you know you are on the track of losing confidence and building a lower self-image. The facial flaws and sagging jawlines are the trauma areas which are becoming a reason for mental, professional and personal relationship hazard. You are losing on all fronts eventually. Are you feeling stressed or worn out? Have you been looking for a quick fix?

Science and technology is a boon in many more ways than one can comprehend. The new age laser technology has devised a beneficial laser cosmetic surgical intervention called Facelift. A facelift is a gateway to youth and bright appearance. With more than permanent results, you can be the Cinderella now!

Facelift- Yes or No a Younger

A facelift is the most preferred cosmetic surgery for men and women who are not satisfied with what they visualize in the mirror and instead envisage a more appealing face. This is termed as a miracle surgery where an incision is made behind the hairline (which extends in natural creases around the ear) or an incision is made under the chin for fat removal and muscle tightening of the skin. The skin is then lifted and fat is removed.

A facelift is a new-age surgery which aims at removal of creases, lines and folds. Not only this it also restores the contours of the face to give the jawline, cheeks and neck a prominent appearance. You wish to look younger and appear smarter! Here is your jackpot to your way to restored youth and young skin.

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If you are in a dilemma whether you should opt for this or no, consider this as a ticket to happiness and reviving your losing relationships and grace.

Are you on the verge of losing your job because you have started looking old?

Is your relationship on the verge of a break-up because of your worn out looks and spirit?

Have you been facing trauma making and keeping up with new friends because of your lack of confidence due to your looks?

A facelift is a miraculous answer to all your woes and troubles. With renewed looks comes in a whole package of lifted spirits, soaring confidence and higher hopes.

The Immediate Benefits

A facelift is a procedure of not more than 2-3 hours with minimum downtime. The immediate effects that you can aim at are a rejuvenated, younger looking face once the surgical effects subside.

The following results can be seen without a doubt:

  1. Better Skin Elasticity

Facelift aims at improving the skin elasticity so that your skin reflects youthfulness and radiates with a new-found charm. Facial muscles are tightened and made younger.

The underlying structure of the face, known as Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS), weakens with age and makes the skin saggy and loose. Facelift aims at working on the sagging skin and rearranges the underlying structure for a better configuration. This makes the skin taut and puts less tension on the face.

  1. Improving Facial Contours

Be it liposuction in case of excessive fleshy skin in neck or jowls, or mid-facelift which restores a smooth look to cheeks, or mini facelift which aims at attractive jawline contour and smoothening neck, the interventions target at improving the contours of the face. The shape of the face is chiseled to make the face attractive and swanky.

  1. Get Rid of Loose Skin

Facelift carefully trims and tightens the skin to give a natural and youthful look. The loose skin is carefully pulled back and you can easily be mistaken as if in the early 30s.

Deep creases and lines can make you feel less confident. A ‘fallen’ or ‘worn out’ appearance can be repaired when nasolabial lines are smoothened and volume of the sunken areas is restored.

  1. Bid Goodbye to Jowls

Even the jowls are well-treated and done away with after a facelift. Jowls are a typical trait of bulldogs. They are least acceptable in human beings and hence a facelift comes as a blessing where the most embarrassing facial feature is removed and you get a flawless appearance.

  1. Be a Better-YOU

Facelift at the hands of a skilled surgeon offers the most natural look. Do not fear that you will suddenly look out-of-place or ‘windblown’. The natural recovery of the fountain of youth makes you look young subtly. There is minimum scarring and nothing noticeable in terms of sutures, so no one ever has an inkling of any kind of intervention that is done.

With the multiple benefits, the question of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is almost dissolved and you can safely go for a facelift when the skin starts reflecting the real age or maybe more.

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The Perfect Gift on the 50th Birthday

See yourself the happiest as you turn 50 and grant yourself the pleasure of reversing age by almost 20 years. Yes, a facelift can be the most appropriate and perfect birthday gift- a gateway to youth and happiness.

Is it an expensive gift limiting itself to celebrities and people of higher stature? No, not really. This is becoming so popular and the latest innovations in the process are even more luring in terms of multiple benefits and reduced costs.

Age, stress, environmental conditions and heredity play havoc on the skin and the worst affected usually is the face. The most visible part and the one which reflects your inner state of mind and confidence is worse affected. A facelift is a boon in more than one way and can be safely opted.

A little precaution is that you should be a non-smoker and in a good overall general health. Also, realistic expectations go a long way in fetching the desired result. You should neither try to ape someone’s looks or imitate someone’s profile. You should simply compare the ‘after’ and ‘before’ pictures the surgeon shows and be ready to be the best version of you.

Settle for Nothing but the Best

There may be a handful of surgeons claiming to give you a makeover with the help of a face lift in Punjab. You have to stick to the one who is nothing but the best. Scrutinize the educational qualifications, compare and contrast the ‘after’ and ‘before’ pictures of the previous surgeries and analyze the skill in the hands of the surgeon.

Also, the number of successful surgeries can give a good deal of an idea as to the success rate of the surgery.

Dr. Prerna Mittal is undoubtedly the best Facelift cosmetic surgeon in Punjab. She is known to do the facelift surgeries successfully giving the clients a new life with happiness all over again.

The precision and finesse with which she performs the surgery can be seen in the lack of scars and the redness post-surgery. She gives an accurate idea of how the effects of the surgery would be and guides her patients wisely.

The Journey to Happiness

It can be safely concluded Face lift in Punjab is minimally invasive and is the secret tool to happiness and reviving youth. The skin becomes tight and radiates effervescence and energy. This marks the beginning of confidence revival and a positive self-image.

Plan a holiday and usher in the new-found spirit of youth. Look your best and feel on top of the world. You will make everlasting memories with pictures that speak volumes of your beauty and resplendent skin.