Vaginal Rejuvenation in Punjab

Vaginal Rejuvenation-“Re-Vagina (tion)” for A New Life

“I am aging, so maybe these body changes are inevitable.”

“Post-delivery my genitals seem to have lost shape and firmness, too bad!”

“Life is tough with urinary incontinence. Wish there was a solution!”

“This baby’s delivery has robbed me of all pleasure.”

Can you relate to any of these? If you are a woman who has delivered or aging naturally, these problems are inevitable in daily life. Getting pregnant and delivering a baby is by far the greatest gift of nature to a woman. You are in absolute bliss to see the little baby in your arms. You forget all the hardships of pregnancy and delivery the moment you hold your little bundle. As the days pass by and the baby grows big, the realization of permanent damage to the body tissues and structure dawns upon you. It is then you understand that sexual urges, decrease in pleasure, the discomfort of loose skin and the genital problems are all post-delivery mal-effects on the body. Some of these might cure by themselves, though majorly all of them are indelibly here to stay.

With increasing candles on your cake, you now start feeling undue pressures on your body and find yourself out of place at times. The absence of sexual gratification is increasing your mood swings and making you irritated all the time. You so wish there was a treatment to this!

What do Women Want?

Women want the happiness of motherhood and want to age gracefully with no added traumas and stresses. Barring the lifestyle stresses and work pressures, who wants additional physical traumas? Women want the pleasures of holding their baby without feeling bad about losing their sexual pleasures and simply seek happiness in life.

Do you wish for a painless treatment where the vagina could be tightened, vaginal dryness and laxity could be addressed and the lack of sexual pleasures be rectified? If ‘yes’, science has granted your wish with the latest minimally invasive surgical laser procedures, that can cure all the vaginal traumas. Age reversal is not just a phrase anymore. Technology and inventions have made this possible. The process of tightening the inner and outer muscles and structure of the vagina which enhance the vaginal muscle tone, strength and control is termed as Vaginal Rejuvenation. This mighty invention is a gift for new mothers and aging ladies!

The aesthetic and functional procedures that comprise vaginal repair include traditional vaginal prolapse procedures and cosmetic vulval and labial procedures. The demarcation between cosmetic and medical processes is getting blurred and majorly surgeries target at both simultaneously.

The term vaginal rejuvenation was once affiliated with Hollywood-style aura as it meant whipping the vagina back into shape. But now this is the easiest and safest resort for mothers or ladies suffering from problems to be back in their 30s yet again.

The success rate of the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation can be measured in terms where women can have better sex, play sports as per their choice and live their life again without having to run a marathon to look and feel better between the pants.

A Long-Lasting Investment on Your Happiness

When you are physically fit and rejuvenated, your emotional quotient and happiness quotient are really high. Make sure you aren’t getting pregnant any time sooner so that the results of this process are long lasting and irreversible. The beauty of the vagina cannot be seen as that of the face, yet it has a crucial role to play in the happiness quotient of a woman.

You will be stress-free while jumping or hopping about with your baby and not feel disturbed by the protruding excess skin in the panties. With the tightening of vaginal walls, sexual pleasures increase. You are now ready to groove again! As a result of better and happy sex life, there is a better impact on the self-confidence and happiness of the patient. What more can one wish for!

Is it All About Sex?

The answer is simply a ‘no’. Undoubtedly the tightened vagina leads to satisfying sex and happiness. But this does not mean that vaginal rejuvenation is synonymous to better sex. Some of the most disturbing physical ailments can be rectified post-vaginal rejuvenation. Some of these are as follows:

1. Discomfort During Exercise

The embarrassing ‘poop’ sound while at yoga or the hilarious yet embarrassing noises popping out of your body while walking can be a cause of discomfort socially. This necessitates the surgical intervention to rectify these traumas which are usually too insignificant to be surgically intervened but can be mentally devastating.

2. Loose or Scarred Pelvic Tissues

The scar tissue surrounding the vagina or lose vaginal opening which makes the tampon fall out every now and then can be troublesome. The tampon falling out could be so annoying in periods and harassing. This makes the utility of surgical intervention significant. In fact, the problem occurred during passing the bowel movement can be administered better after vaginal rejuvenation.
A whole package of wellness it seems!

All About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation aims at tightening the vaginal skin, removing the excess and lose vaginal lining and restoring the youthful appearance of the vagina. Majorly following procedures are the main parts of vaginal rejuvenation:

1. Hymenoplasty

To restore the integrity of the hymen, this surgery is very effective. The hymen is synonymous with virginity and purity. For some undue reasons, if the hymen is torn, it can be revived with this reconstructive surgery and a new life can be restored.

There are several reasons why hymenoplasty is gaining importance these days. Rituals and traditions could be one reason. Rupture of hymen due to unprecedented events like rape or strenuous exercise or maybe even when you wish to start a new relationship afresh, repairing and refreshing the hymen is called for.

2. Vaginoplasty

In this process, the damage done during the process of childbirth can be cured. The vaginal lining is tightened and the soft tissues and muscles are tightened to enhance the friction during sexual intercourse. More the number of deliveries, the scenario worsens further. Post-delivery the vagina does not shrivel back to the original diameter. So the process helps in reviving the youthful skin and appearance of the genitals.

Even for ladies who have not had childbirth, vaginoplasty is a boon as it narrows the vaginas with a bigger diameter. This is also an effective reconstructive surgery for women with bigger vaginal openings.

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3. Labiaplasty

Labia minora is the flap of skin on either side of the vaginal opening. Sometimes for aesthetic purpose or because of some kind of discomfort, you may opt for Labiaplasty or the vulval surgery, i.e. reducing the size and changing the shape of labia minora. This produces more symmetrical results.

This surgical procedure can be considered both for aesthetic purposes and for treating a medical purpose.
Post-surgery, simply wear your loosies and rest for the first 48 hours. You will be free to resume your routine tasks post 72 hours. What better than being able to start your work within 4 days!

Don’t Be Afraid- Health First

Women find it easier to be discreet about genital issues or sex issues. No one talks openly about it and hence the traumatic issues persist much longer. But when it involves health, you must not even think twice before approaching a cosmetic surgeon or the doctor.
Since the body part involved is very sensitive, you cannot take a chance with just any surgeon. Choose a wise and experienced cosmetic surgeon who is adept at performing vaginal rejuvenation surgeries.

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Final Words- Secrets to Youth Unveiled

Now that you know how to fight the ageing symptoms post-delivery and menopause, you will be a happy being. No more suffering from vaginal dryness, lack of pleasure or a loose vaginal wall. Get your way to a healthy life and be armed to fight against anything that causes discomfort. You are on the journey to improve your self-confidence and also improve your general sense of well-being.