Pinocchio Nose- Rhinoplasty: The New-Age Nose

Pinocchio Nose- Rhinoplasty: The New-Age Nose

In an age-old fable, Pinocchio is a naughty young boy with a little nose. The worst is his nose elongated whenever he lied. This came as a warning to others. Does the ‘Pinocchio Syndrome’ happen in real life too? No, not really! You may then wonder why you have a sharp, misshapen nose when you aren’t even the mischievous one!

What is the most conspicuous feature of the face that makes or mars the look? The answer is ‘the nose’ without a wink. The shape, size and alignment of the nose make you look pretty and attractive. It makes the face look noticeable in an instant. Well, have you noticed that a few celebrities have nose absolutely on point- slender, sharp and well-aligned? It is too good to be naturally well-aligned and shapely. Wondering how? Tread along the article to discover the secret to their more than perfectly architecture nose.

The Mystery Unveils

Right from the former Miss World Priyanka Chopra to the swanky young girl Shruti Hassan, all have confessed undergoing the new-age ‘Nose Job’ or Rhinoplasty as it is technically called. Yes, the secret weapon to having just the perfect nose is unveiled here and it is Rhinoplasty.

The Cosmetic Nose Surgery or the Nose Job is the surgical intervention which aims at rectifying distorted nose and makes it match the overall face shape and features. This is definitely becoming the most popular cosmetic surgery on account of cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. All around the globe, men and women alike are becoming crazy to have an erect and well-defined nose to give an overall positive impact on the personality. The shape, size and appearance of the nose can be worked upon to give it the perfect cut and look.

Are you Dicey about Surgery?

Rhinoplasty in Punjab is a relatively safe out-patient surgery. This means that the patient would not be required to stay overnight in the hospital.
The increasing popularity of this surgical intervention is because of its safety and the final outcome. Whether you should consider Rhinoplasty or not is contingent on a few criteria. First and foremost you should be clear about the expectation post-surgery. The reason for the surgery and the outcome expected should be clear and vivid. Any ambiguity in the expectation may not give a desirable result. Only with a positive mindset and a reasonable expectation you may consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Secondly, consider the problem area and check if the surgery is for aesthetic purpose or any breathing difficulty.

A well-defined goal can give the cosmetic surgeon the right direction.

Aesthetic or Cosmetic- What’s The Reason?

Nose Reshaping isn’t purely a cosmetic surgery aiming at good looks. It serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it can modify the shape and size of the nose to make it look perfect. Along with this, the burgeoning popularity of this surgery is because it can cure any breathing trauma because of the distorted nasal veins. Any breathing discomfort can be cured because of the surgery as the disfigurement of the nose can be corrected.

Even if you have had disfigurement due to any trauma, accident or injury, do not panic as Rhinoplasty (majorly known as Reconstructive Rhinoplasty) is there to cure any such trauma. You don’t have to live with any kind of birth defects and can easily get rid of any peculiarity of the nose that hampers your self-confidence.

Nasal obstruction can cause sleep deprivation, aggravate problems while exercising and enhance the trauma of sleep apnea. For medical reasons, Rhinoplasty is the best solution like the use of nasal drops or saline drops is a temporary remedy. Septoplasty deals in straightening the nasal wall between the cartilages that divides the nostrils. Any septal deformity and the deformity in the strategically placed cartilage grafts are dealt at ease with Rhinoplasty.

Have you ever felt bad because of your nose or been a laughing stock among friends because of the crooked nose? Fear no more, the nose job is the perfect cure.

The English language has particularly made the nose a popular target for designing various idioms. Are you pained when you hear ‘down nose’, ‘button nose’ or ‘getting the nose out of the business’? If any of the idioms bother you personally, you are the right candidate for Rhinoplasty.

In case you simply aim at highlighting your facial contours, a nose job or nose surgery is the best thing to reckon as a sharp nose makes you look confident and well-groomed. This could mean reducing the hump, or refining the tip, or correcting any kind of asymmetries.

Are You Ready?

There is a little protocol to be followed once you make up your mind to get the nose surgery done. Is your general health good? Are you a smoker? Are you an adult?

Some of these questions need introspection before you proceed to meet your surgeon. You should be an adult with fully grown facial features so that no changes are expected thereafter. If this process is done on younger individuals there is a likely probability that growth with age might render the effects of surgery futile. Also, you should be endowed with good overall health and aim to be a non-smoker.

Before you seek an appointment with a renowned cosmetic surgeon, introspect and ask yourself- what is that you are seeking from the surgery? Are your goals and expectations realistic? Are you clear with what you desire and what can be the outcome? In the worst case scenario, however, be prepared that a minor rectification or revision might be needed post-surgery in case the expectations aren’t met. This kind of scenario is usually unlikely, if the surgeon is dexterous enough in his work and experienced at nose job surgeries.

The D-Day

The day of surgery is nothing to be scared of. General or local anesthesia would be administered so that the surgery is nearly painless. After minor incisions and a quick surgical intervention on the bone and cartilage, your nose will be ready to see its new look. The best part is the swift recovery from surgical swelling and gauzes in about two weeks.

Very rare are the risks from anesthesia or infections that are likely to rise. The chances of poor healing and breathing difficulties are zilch if the cosmetic surgeon is able and experienced.

Look for the Right Surgeon for Rhinoplasty in Punjab

Look for the most adept surgeon to bid adieu to that misshapen Pinocchio nose. You need not necessarily feel shy or under-confident with that wobbly, out of proportion nose. Feel confident by looking for the most qualified and experienced Board certified surgeon. Dr. Prerna Mittal is an undisputable name in Punjab for cosmetic surgeries. The adeptness and dexterity with which she performs Rhinoplasty are commendable. She is known to be the best cosmetic surgeon of Ludhiana. You may even consult her and seek her able opinion to solve all your queries, inhibitions and myths in mind.

No More Shying Away on Social Media

Once you make up your mind about the surgery, no blogger or make-up artist can harass you. You will not be let down upon by anyone or any picture or any kind of travel diaries. Revive your self-confidence with the sharp, pointy nose and nothing can hold you back from holding your nose up, literally and figuratively. A new lease of life, an array of self-confidence, and new-found happiness reckon you. A mere surgery can actually sparkle your way to self-assurance!

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Last Precious Words

No matter how you feel about your looks, the decision of knocking at the door of a cosmetic surgeon might seem like a far call. But the truth is that there is a silent monster of insecurities bottling up inside you and the ‘beak-like’ or the ‘clown-like’ nose does shatter your confidence. Pave your way to confidence with the nose surgery. Rhinoplasty shall cure the problem of ‘witchy-looks’, cure the breathing traumas and uplift the emotionally shattered confidence.

Click the best of selfies confidently without getting self-conscious. Make the most of the holidays without feeling bad about your looks. Dr. Prerna Mittal is a humble and genuine person who with her acumen can help you diagnose the problem and look for a permanent solution.

A nose job isn’t a luxury or prerogative of celebrities anymore. You can access Dr. Prerna and seek solutions to living confidently with the nose structure you desire. Leave people baffled with your ubiquitous confidence and lustrous glow. Feel free to experiment with a new haircut or make-up just to highlight the new-proportionate nose.