Moobs Correction with Vaser

Gynecomastia Surgery

Getting a toned figure is something that almost every man craves for. A flat chest plays a crucial role in making a man’s body toned and attractive. But, it’s unfortunate that every man is not blessed with the flat chest. Several men have large chest sizes compared to normal and it seems to be almost breast size.


Gynecomastia is something that is related to the same. In today’s time, the term Gynecomastia is becoming highly popular with the fast-rising number of men who are suffering from this disease. It is expected that approximately 40% to 50% have Gynecomastia. The larger chest size of men not only affects their personality but also gives them the reasons for embarrassment.


Most people spend a lot of time in the gym to get rid of their abnormal chest, but they don’t witness the satisfactory results. The other paradox is that there is no medical treatment available to cure it. This is another reason why Gynecomastia patients live in stress. 


Nonetheless, they have reason to celebrate as they can opt for male breast reduction surgery to go for a final cure. It helps you in getting the desired appearance of your body. The said surgery is also popular as Gynecomastia surgery, which lets patients get a flatter and a  muscular chest.

Grades of Gynecomastia | Male Breast

There are mainly four grades of Gynecomastia. Take a look at one by one.


  • Grade – I : Small breast enlargement without skin excess.
  • Grade – II : Moderate or mild breast enlargement without skin excess
  • Grade – III : Moderate to significant breast enlargement with skin excess
  • Grade – IV : Marked breast enlargement with skin access.


Causes and Symptoms of Man Boobs


Gynecomastia occurs mainly due to hormonal imbalance. The reduced amount of hormone testosterone when compared to estragon is the major cause of this disease. The amount of hormone testosterone decreases caused by certain situations that tend to block the effect of testosterone, increase the level of estrogen, or decrease testosterone.


Take a look at several things that tend to cause the hormonal imbalance.


  • Natural hormonal change is one of the causes of Gynecomastia. The estrogen and testosterone are responsible for differentiating men and women in terms of their sex characteristics. Be it body hair, or muscle, testosterone is responsible for controlling the same in men. Whereas estrogen is responsible for controlling women’s sex traits, which also includes breast growth. Men, however, also produce estrogen, like women but not in the same quantity as women. So, those men who produce a high level of estrogen are often blessed with a larger chest, which is gynecomastia.
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Medication
  • Use of the herbal product
  • Some health conditions such as kidney failure, tumors, liver failure, hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, etc.      


One can observe the following symptoms in one or both breasts.


  • Tenderness
  • Swelling


Common Concerns of Gynecomastia Patients

Those who are the patients of Gynecomastia have the following common concerns and this is the reason why they opt for Gynecomastia surgery in Punjab.


  • Feel embraced while enjoying the swimming pool, beaches, waterfall, etc. with others.
  • Can’t wear a tight fit t-shirt, shirt, or other costumes.

Moobs Correction Treatment

As mentioned above, there are no effective medical treatments for Gynecomastia. But, patients have the option to go for surgery to reduce their chest size. Medicines can be effective only at the initial stage. Once tissue becomes scarred, then surgery is the only option that you can opt for and can expect for the best outcomes.


Vaser Liposuction Technique is used to give better results along with less recovery time after the surgery. Vaser technique helps in giving better contouring to the target area and hence improving the looks with a flatter and a muscular chest.

Before starting the male breast reduction surgery procedures, medical teams do the following things.

  • Examine the health condition of patients.
  • Go through the past medical history of the patients
  • Once doctors think the patient’s health condition is good, they then schedule the surgery.
  • The entire procedure of surgery generally takes around 2 hours. So, patients can expect to discharge and go home on the same day.
  • During the surgery, doctors make a small incision inside of every chest to eliminate the fat through Liposuction with the use of fine cannulas.

The cost of the Gynecomastia surgery depends on the patient’s chest size, medical condition, etc. So, to get the exact details about the cost of Gynecomastia in Punjab for your treatment, you can get in touch with the doctor.


What after Gynecomastia Surgery


Once patients go through the entire process of surgery, they can witness the following conditions.


  • After completion of the surgery process, patients may face pain in their chest area, which tends to make them dis-comfortable which however can be controlled by medication.
  • They have to wear a pressure garment for 4-6 weeks.
  • The patients are allowed to meet their attendants and go home on the same day.
  • Patients can watch television, walk, talk on their mobile devices from the next day of their surgery.
  • Patients can follow up and visit the clinic after 2 days. Doctors can inspect those of treated areas and also change the dressing.
  • You can take a bath the next day after your first follow up.
  • The second follow up takes place on the 7th days of the surgery. In this, doctors remove sutures.
  • You can then start your work after 2 to 3 days of your next follow up.
  • You will be advised to wear the pressure garment for at least 4 to 6 weeks.


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