Laser Hair Removal with Soprano Ice Platinum

Laser Hair Removal

The presence of unwanted hair on your arm, legs, face, etc, tends to debar you from looking gorgeous, no matter how much effort you put to improve your appearance. It makes your efforts futile. So, without removing your unwanted hair, you can’t improve your beauty. Apart from beauty, removing unwanted hair is also necessary for various other reasons;

  • Getting a smooth, shining, and silky skin
  • It boosts your self-confidence
  • It prevents you from getting skin irritation that may become a skin disease if ignored for a long time.
  • For health and medical reasons

Traditional techniques for hair removal, including waxing, shaving, tweezing, etc. are already popular among individuals and they practice these techniques to a large extent. But, these are indeed not a long-term solution.

So, what’s the permanent solution from removing unwanted hair from your body part? Well, the answer is none other than laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Well, laser hair removal is an evolving technique for getting rid of unwanted hair in the easiest way while witnessing outstanding results. It involves a cosmetic procedure. In this technique of hair removal, a highly concentrated light is directed towards the hair follicles.

The concentrated light is absorbed by follicles pigments. And in this entire process, the unwanted hair gets destroyed. It helps patients overcome unwanted hair hassle-free.

Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The most important thing about the laser hair removal technique is that it is easily applicable to all parts of the body to remove unwanted hair, be it back, face, underarm, back, bikini line, chin, or various other parts. Take a look at some other great benefits of opting for laser hair removal.

  • The lasers come with the tendency to target only those of darker areas or those body parts that have coarse hair. And thus, it doesn’t harm the surrounding skin.
  • The laser provides speedy treatment. It takes less than a second to treat the small areas to treat unwanted hair. It includes the ability to offer the perfect hair removal solutions, be it larger or smaller areas.
  • Another great benefit of leveraging this technique is that it gives the majority of patients a permanent solution to get rid of their unwanted hair once after completion of 3 to 7 sessions. 

Soprano Ice Platinum – A Powerful Technology for Laser Hair Removal

If we talk about the most sought-after technology for hair removal, Soprano Ice Platinum comes first. It is an award-winning hair removal technology that lets you remove your unwanted hair without feeling any discomfort or pain during the treatment.

It leverages the robust diode laser technology accompanied with in-built cooling that delivers safe, quick, and painless hair removal solutions for patients. Approved by FDA, Soprano Ice Platinum is considered to be the right option for the treatment of all types of skin, and also good for tanned skin.

The credit goes to Soprano Ice Platinum for making laser hair treatment much more advanced as well as effective. Being an integrated system, it follows the principle of combining the power of 3 different wavelengths to get the unmatched results. The system boasts of trio clustered diode technology.

The platinum version possesses the ability to blend 3 laser wavelengths into an innovative and also a single handpiece, which works exceptionally when it comes to targeting tissue and also structures inside the hair follicle.

Be it its potential to combine penetration levels of different wavelengths, lesser maintenance of diode laser, treatment coverage, or others, Soprano Ice Platinum is popular for the safest and fastest hair removal treatment for multiple reasons.


Benefits of Soprano Ice Platinum

Take a look at several advantages of Soprano Ice Platinum that makes it unique and outstanding from other devices available for laser hair removal. 

  • It is capable of combining three different wavelengths to redefine the laser hair removal process.
  • It is good for all types of skin and also even for those of tanned skin
  • It is a safe process for laser hair removal treatment without harming your skin
  • It makes hair removal painless

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Punjab

To get affordable services, you need to opt for hair removal in Punjab. You will not be able to get the exact cost of your hair removal until you get in touch with an experienced doctor. The overall cost of laser hair removal depends on the following important factors;

Total size of the area that needs to be treated through laser

  • Total time the professionals spend for treatment
  • Number of hair removal treatments need to be performed
  • Total experience of the doctor who will perform the laser hair removal treatment

Consult your Doctor

The above information may encourage you to find a doctor who can remove your unwanted hair through laser hair removal. So, if you are searching for the expert for hair removal through laser technique, you will come across the most heard name that is none other than Dr. Prerna Mittal. 

Possessing 12+ years of experience in cosmetic surgery, she has also earned vast expertise in laser hair removal. She also possesses experience in leveraging cutting-edge equipment to provide full assurance to patients for the most satisfactory results. She endeavors to match the expectations of the needs and expectations of patients.

So, if you are looking for the best-in-class and affordable laser hair removal service, Dr. Prerna Mittal is your one-stop solution.