Is Gynecomastia Surgery just a Cosmetic Issue?

Is Gynecomastia Surgery Just a Cosmetic Issue?

Well-rounded and enlarged breasts are every woman’s dream. Who doesn’t want firm, pointed and well-shaped breasts? These are a symbol of a woman’s youth and beauty. A lady exhibits a smarter appearance and a confident persona if she owns predominantly perfect breasts. Does the same hold true for men?Unfortunately, it isn’t a rosy picture when it comes to excessive breast tissue in men. The situation is appalling and often men reel under the weight of excess breast tissues which make the breasts look voluminous. This situation is also called ‘man-boob’ in common parlance. Technically it is termed as Gynecomastia and it can occur at any age. The reasons can be manifold- age, obesity, hormonal imbalance, puberty, the impact of certain drugs or maybe even hereditary. Whatever the reason is, the end result is the protruding, enlarged and overdeveloped breasts. This is a cause of shame, discomfort and it may impair the self-confidence in men.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

The men who suffer gynecomastia are the ones who have either of the following symptoms:

  • Excess Breast skin
  • Prevalence of Unilateral breast (one-sided breast)
  • Bilateral Breasts with excess glandular tissue development
  • More localized fat than needed

Too tough it is to imagine the plight of men facing such a trauma which is not even in their hands!

You may wonder as to WHO suffers from it and Gynecomastia Surgery?

Strange but the truth is that any man, irrespective of the age, can suffer from gynecomastia and its side –effects. Can you imagine a man not having the confidence of showing love or avoiding some physical activities or abstaining from intimacy just to hide this not-so-common trauma?

Sadly, gynecomastia can occur at a younger age or even at a later age.

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In Adolescence

Around the 20s, around 50%-60% of boys or adolescent men suffer from gynecomastia as per the statistics by the National Institute of Health (NIH). The reason is usually higher than normal levels of estrogen in the body during puberty. The result is often overdeveloped breast tissues or flattened out chest contours. Who doesn’t want to look chic and impress girls?

In Adults

The reasons for enlarged and disproportionate breasts in adult men can vary from the existence of thyroid problems, cancer of the pituitary glands, excessive alcohol consumption or consumption of recreational drugs like marijuana. Hereditary genes also sometimes pass on the havoc. Prolonged hormonal imbalance can make the man land up in a gory condition where the breasts become more of eyesore rather than pride.

Gynecomastia is due to an increase in the ratio of estrogen (female hormone) to testosterone (male hormone). Estrogen makes the breast tissue grow and make the breast look awry. Testosterone is the male hormone and inhibits the growth of breasts tissues. When the estrogen levels exceed in the ratio, the result is oversized, big man boobs.

The NIH study claims that nearly 65% of men suffer gynecomastia between the age group of 27 and 92 years. It’s an appalling state of affairs and like it is well said, ‘only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches’. Likewise, only men suffering from this trauma can understand the suffering and mental torture one has to face.

The Sad Cons of Gynecomastia

The psychological impact of this trauma is hostile. In recent studies when the adolescents suffering from gynecomastia were compared to healthy counterparts of same age and gender, the results were unwelcoming. The boys suffering from gynecomastia had significantly much lower self-esteem, distorted mental health and emotional well-being. The mental and emotional effect on the sufferers was devastating.

Even the patient suffering mildly from gynecomastia is equally devastated. The severity or the proportion of the problem doesn’t matter. The studies have proven that merely the existence of bulky tissues in the breasts area have made the men suffering from gynecomastia antagonistic towards their own self.

It can easily be concluded that gynecomastia is not merely a cosmetic issue.  The negative psychosocial impact reverberates in the form of depression, lack of confidence and anxiety among boys and men alike. The embarrassment which men suffer goes untold and this silently damages the confidence further. Since this problem isn’t remotely associated with obesity, no amount of dieting fads and exercise can alone rectify the problem. Hence the problem persists in so many cases as they try various other ineffective remedies.

 What is the solution to this problem?

This comes as the next question in the mind instantly. How to get rid of the silent suffering? How can you relieve yourself of the baggy chest and get a normal physique back? What is it that you can do to retrieve the confidence for love and intimacy?

The answer to all the queries lies in surgically correcting the excess breast tissues and getting the required shape. The intervention is known as Gynecomastia Surgery or Male Breast Reduction in Ludhiana. This process aims at surgical correction of over-developed or flattening enlarged breasts in men and enhancing the chest contours.

Up until recently, the male reduction surgery rate has gone up drastically. With more awareness and scientific developments, who wants to live with the pain of lopsided breasts and dented confidence? All you need to do is make sure you have overall good health and you stay away from vices like smoking and alcohol for some time before the surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery is a long term investment in your own self. Cost of the surgery isn’t the criteria to be considered to retrieve back your confidence and ace your happiness quotient. For men who have been suffering from ages because of man boobs, this surgery is an investment to change and transform each aspect of their lives. The result of the surgery is a well-proportioned and masculine chest. This will enhance your happiness and personal life as well as help you improve your relationships as well. There will be ripples of happiness and satisfaction in your life. Do not consider this surgery merely for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. This life-altering procedure is worth every penny.

Are there Too Many Restrictions after the Process?

There may be minimal risks after the surgery. The risk of infection, skin injury or bleeding may accompany temporarily and can be weaned off completely by the precision and expertise of the surgeon. (With mild scars and pigmentation there may be uneven nipples or mismatched breasts after the surgery, for which another rectifying surgery can be done). The risks can be negated at the hands of an efficient surgeon, however. The best surgeon will entail the details as to how this surgical intervention can alleviate the stress and depression you have been facing since puberty and how you can lead a confident life thereafter.

The recovery process post surgery is around four weeks contingent on the recovery pace and health conditions of the patient. The post-op care must be taken judiciously for the recovery to be fast. Strenuous exercise can resume after 4-6 months of the surgery. It isn’t so complicated and is an effective and permanent remedy from the depression and trauma of not looking good.

Gynecomastia Surgery is an outpatient surgery done under general or local anesthesia. A process of about one and half hour involves making an incision around the nipples to remove glandular tissue from the breasts. Even the areolas may be repositioned if they are also saggy and droopy.

The final results of the surgery are usually permanent. Excessive weight gain or consumption of drugs may, however, cause the breasts to regain the volume and enlarge. Care must be taken and weight gain must be stringently watched over. Make sure you are able to exercise your way to keep up good health and maintain a firm composure.

Words of caution- smoking, tanning or blood thinners are usually prohibited before the surgery for full impact.

Choose your surgeon wisely

Since gynecomastia surgery is a highly specialized and technical intervention, the experience of the surgeon is of paramount importance in this case. Without a doubt, Dr. Prerna Mittal has widely gained popularity as the best Gynecomastia surgeon in Punjab. Her finesse and skill match no one else and her pleasant mannerism is an icing to the cake.


Be a man. Let your masculinity and virility show through genuine and well-proportioned breasts. Get rid of the embarrassing ‘man-boob’ situation and be ready to flaunt yourself like a B-town celebrity. Live life fully without the fear of being judged or feeling conscious any more. Restore your psychological health with sleek and well-defined pectoral muscles with gynecomastia surgery.


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