Importance, Benefits and Cost of Hair Transplant

Importance, Benefits and Cost of Hair Transplant

Hair loss nowadays has become a common concern for all of us irrespective of our age. Be it unhealthy food, hectic lifestyle, stressful life, or others, the problem like hair loss arises due to multiple reasons. Apart from this, most of us also take our hair lightly and never care about it. Below factors are also responsible for hair loss.

  • Major illness
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Medications
  • Stress

The major repercussion of hair loss is it adversely impacts on one’s look and personality. Getting bald lets you feel shy while attending any meeting, conference, or public gathering. And this is the reason why the majority of people of late worried about hair loss and are looking for the right solution to restore their hair.

So, the million dollar question here is – Is there any way of restoring natural hair and getting rid of hair loss? Well, the answer is YES. Fortunately, hair transplant is a proven method to restore hair and helps you in regaining your original beauty.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a type of surgery that is certainly not new and has been practiced by doctors since 1939. Meanwhile, the techniques witnessed several changes year after year in terms of using advanced technology to make it more effective, reliable, and safe.

The process of hair transplant is all about adding hair to those areas of the head that have less hair or completely bald scalp. Surgeons extract hair from those parts of the scalp that has thick hair.

Hair Transplant in Punjab

Punjab houses a large number of reputed hair transplant surgeons – Dr. Prerna Mittal is one of those who completed her MBBS from SGRD, Amritsar in 2004. Possessed over 12 years of experience in this horizon, she has handled numerous cases successfully and impressed patients by offering the most satisfactory results.

She starts the procedure of hair transplant by cleaning the scalp of the patients and then gives injection to the back of the scalp. After this, she chooses either Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS). The selection of the right method for hair transplant is something that depends on the patient’s requirement, type of scalp, etc.

Irrespective of methods of hair transplant, Dr. Prerna Mittal possesses vast expertise in carrying out all techniques in a proper way to match the expectation of patients.

In the process of FUSS, Dr. Prerna Mittal first eliminates a strip of skin (approximately 6 to 10 inches) from the backside of the patient’s head. She then keeps the strip aside and then starts the process of sewing the scalp to close it. She then covers such areas by the available hair.

After this, her team divides the extracted strips into 500 to 1000 small grafts as per the requirements. Each graft may contain a single or a couple of hairs. The overall number and also the type of grafts that need to be used depends on various factors like color, type of hair, size, quality, etc. where the patients need to transplant hair. 

On the other hand, the FUE process involves shaving the back area of the scalp. After this, the surgeon performs the task of removing hair follicles from that area, which is then covered with your existing hair.

After this, all steps are the same as the FUSS technique of hair transplant. Once the medical team develops the grafts, Dr. Prerna properly cleans the scalp and then numbs that particular area where the hair is meant to grow.

She then creates a slit or hole using the needle for placing the grafts in each of the holes. She gets required assistance from her entire team to place the graft successfully. The average time that a surgeon takes to complete the process is approximately 4 to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts to be implanted.

There is a possibility that patients need to go for another process if they wish to have thick hair or still lose hair.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

As mentioned, hair transplant comes with a myriad of benefits that those who go through it can avail of. Take a look at some of the benefits of hair transplants.

  • It helps improve self-esteem
  • It gives you a natural solution
  • It gives a permanent solution 
  • The entire procedure is painless
  • It doesn’t leave any scar
  • It comes with minimal downtime
  • It lets you get rid of baldness
  • It improves your appearance
  • It offers a completely natural appearance and personality
  • It is fully safe and doesn’t have any side effect
  • It is an affordable solution

Cost of Hair Transplant

As far as the cost of hair transplant is concerned, it is something that is based on the amount of hair that you are seeking to transplant. Aside from this, some other factors have a direct impact on the overall cost of hair transplant.

  • Types of hair transplant
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • After care medication

It’s important to keep in mind that your insurance plan may not cover the cost of your hair transplant since the entire process is based on cosmetic procedures.

To get the exact details about the cost of your hair transplant in Ludhiana, you need to directly approach Dr. Prerna Mittal. She will listen to your requirements, analyze your scalp condition and various related things, and give you the exact details about the cost.


So, what are you looking for? Get in touch with none other than Dr. Prerna Mittal for availing of the top-notch hair transplant services. You can either call her at 8968412571 or send mail directly at