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‘Ten little fingers and ten little toes’ bring in so much of joy and happiness. The warmth and coziness of hugging a little baby bring joy untold and happiness manifold. The pleasures of holding the little bundle in the arms is just heavenly a feel. This is best experienced when you bear the baby in your tummy for nine months, bear the pregnancy trauma and finally bear the delivery pains. It ain’t easy but it is worth it all when you see the twinkling little eyes and miniature-you in your arms.

The love for the baby grows stronger each day. As the baby moves, crawls and coos you fall in love with just each stage. Love grows fonder as you record the first smile, the first word and the first time the baby says ‘ma’.

Tears of joy roll down when you see the little one take the first steps. Oh! What a feel!

Tears of pain and sadness dwell in your eye as the little piece of your heart falls down and gets hurt. You are always gung-ho to keep the baby happy and secure.

What happens to your own body in the process?

What happens to your happiness and sanity in the process?

Is something bothering you along the journey of motherhood?

Is there something abominable about your body that you wish to change?

Motherhood is a Mixed Journey

If the answers to any of the above questions is a ‘yes’, you aren’t the only one dealing with post-pregnancy traumatic issues. Women face lots of issues that trouble them during the pregnancy phase. But the vicious circle of trauma follows them even after they deliver.

Here are some common issues which women face after entering the league of motherhood:

  1. Bulging Tummy

Some women tend to have a stubborn weight which doesn’t even go if they start dieting. You are likely to be a victim of post-partum depression if along with taking care of the baby you start following a strict diet regime. (The worst mood dampener is sleepless nights because of the baby wailing through the night). All this adds to the mounting depression.

And here you are longing for a slimmer and toned tummy! You want to wear your favorite LBD, binge on the favorite chocolate ice-cream and want to look fresh.

The tired, old, disheveled look bothers you along with the bulging, loose skin. The memory of having a baby in the tummy stays on the tummy for what may seem like forever!

  1. Sagging Breasts,

The hormonal changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding are what alter the breast forever. Loose, droopy breasts prohibit you from flaunting your favorite branded T-shirt or wearing that skin fitted dress. You are becoming conscious of the way you look and are comfortable in avoiding parties.

Some women face the problem of small breasts while others have a limping and swollen breast appearance.  In both the scenarios your confidence is at stake and you start remaining agitated all the time.

  1. Big, Bolder Buttocks

What may seem attractive on Beyonce might make you look flummoxed and fat. You don’t know how to deal with broadening body contours around the waist and hips. The pregnancy jeans are the only saving soul you have. The colored trousers and skirts are refusing to go up and are abandoning you. What a plight! You are feeling low because of the disproportionate body contours.

Irrespective of how much you exercise or follow a stringent diet regime, the fat seems to be glued indelibly to you forever.

  1. Loose Genital Anatomy

The process of pregnancy and delivery has altered your vaginal anatomy. The vaginal muscles, vulva and vaginal lips become loose and saggy. Your sex life and pleasures are at stake!

Sometimes the genitals alter and lead to other significant problems like urinary incontinence. With sleepless nights and traumatic genitals, your life looks like a nightmare!

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The Next Best Thing

You may wonder with all these problems rampant, is childbearing and becoming a mommy actually worth the joy? The answer is still a firm ‘yes’. Science has a solution for all that you feel and all that you wish for. A slim, slender body with well-rounded shape and size, perfect abs, youthful skin and perky breasts- all are possible. Nothing is a far call and all you need to do is discuss with the best cosmetic surgeon. Leave the rest to them and see yourself as the ‘hottest mommy in town’.

To recover the youth and the youthful appearance, cosmetic surgery offers a boon called ‘Mommy Makeover’. This process is the next best thing after being a mother. Mommy makeover means a combination of cosmetic procedures aimed at restoring the pre-pregnancy body and appearance of the mother.

The following are the cosmetic surgeries which are a part of a mommy makeover:

  1. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty
  2. Breast Augmentation
  3. Breast Reduction
  4. Breast Lift
  5. Facelift
  6. Liposuction
  7. Vaginal Rejuvenation

The combination of processes depends on the patient’s age, requirements, number of children and the stage of life the patient is in. For example, you can opt for a facelift and breast augmentation or a mild vaginal rejuvenation teamed with liposuction. All varies from person to person but the core objective remains the same- removal of fat and excess skin, redefining contours and making you feel and look young.

A Sigh of Relief

This must be a breather for you to learn that you need not continue stressing over fat or loose skin anymore. The science welcomes you with latest machines and technology to defy the pregnancy woes and look just the way you want.

Body parts like arms, tummy, breast and buttocks can be reshaped and you will look toned up and well-groomed.

Dr. Prerna Mittal is a well-acclaimed cosmetic surgeon who understands females with ‘mommy-hood syndrome’ and helps them recover from depression and mood swings. She understands her patients’ worries and traumas and helps them come out of the low moods. She is known to guide her patients genuinely and has made her mark to be the ‘best mommy makeover cosmetic surgeon’ in Punjab.

On a basic note, a mommy makeover is synonymous with any breast surgery combined with abdominal surgery. With the combination of surgeries, the results are amazing and the recovery time is lesser relatively. You can shine out as a ‘new-you’ soon and start loving yourself all over again.

Are You Confused?

There might be people dissuading you from the cosmetic procedures, but with the advancement of technology and innovations, the recovery time is short and quick. You will emerge as the person you wish to be.

Simply consult the surgeon and seek guidance as to what combination of surgeries you need. Once you have reached a stable weight over a period of time and tired of experimenting with exercises and fussing over various diet modules, a mommy makeover is the next best go-to thing.

There are bleak side-effects which are easily negated by the dexterity of the cosmetic surgeon. You need not fear the risks as the outcome will definitely amaze you and the people who matter.

Even if you are petrified to spend money, it is genuinely advisable to discuss the procedures and compare costs of the cosmetic surgeons you know. The costs of mommy makeover vary from patient to patient and a variety of other factors like choice of surgeon, facilities available and the surgery-related expenses. However, the costs are undermined by the results of a mommy makeover. Nothing else can buy you the perfect body you need or revive the confidence you once had. After all, happiness doesn’t come for free!

Usually, this process is an outpatient surgery and the recovery time varies from one week to one month. During the first two weeks, you might be refrained from lifting heavy weights (including your baby) and climbing up the stairs might be a cumbersome task. Just arrange a little help for the baby and you are sure to look the most fabulous ever.


All you need to be sure of is that you aren’t breastfeeding anymore; neither are you going to plan another baby. This is because if you intend to get pregnant again, the laxity in the skin will nullify the effects of the mommy makeover procedure and make you put on more weight at the trauma areas.

Best of Luck

Parenting is joy and motherhood is sheer bliss! If you have stepped at the threshold of motherhood, you know immense joy and happiness await you each day as the baby grows. Do not let the negative effects of the post-pregnancy body let you down. Seek the advice of a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon in Punjab and give yourself a fresh look. Get rid of the factors that mar your confidence. It is rightly said ‘a happy mommy can make happy babies.’ So feel good, look good and you will be a good mommy.