Breast Reduction Surgery in India

Breast Reduction Surgery in India

An overly sized breast not only causes your lack of confidence but also lets you face several other issues. It debars you from wearing clothes of your choice and also causes several physical discomforts.

Larger breast size makes problems like back pain inevitable and thus, it makes your condition miserable. Apart from this, it also causes various other issues. Take a glimpse at some of those.

  • Make an adverse impact on your personality
  • Breast irritation
  • Adversely impact on body’s flexibility
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Difficulty in finding a proper bra size
  • Difficulty in finding a properly sized cloth
  • Difficulty in performing the physical workout 

Discover Solution with Mammaplasty

Opting for breast reduction surgery, popularly known as Mammaplasty, lets you get rid of overly sized breasts. The process involves reducing or eliminating extra fat or tissue from your breast. A surgeon uses various equipment to perform surgery to reduce breast size and makes patients happy with outstanding results.

Breast reduction surgery performed by an experienced surgeon like Prerna Mittal can change your life by eliminating your back pain, shoulders pain, and neck pain. After successful surgery, you will be able to get the desired shape of your figure and also wear the clothes of your own choice.

How to Go for Breast Reduction Surgery

To go for breast reduction surgery, you need to first find an experienced surgeon who has handled numerous cases. For instance, if you are searching for a reputed breast reduction surgeon in Punjab, you will come across the most popular name that is none other than Dr. Prerna Mittal, a certified plastic surgeon.

Your surgeon will make you familiar with the complete process of Mammaplasty, which is a highly reliable and fully safe process. During your interaction with doctors, you need to reveal them about your expectations from surgery.

They will resolve your all queries related to surgery and also give you proper guidance when it comes to deciding on the perfect technique for breast reduction. They will also tell you how to prepare yourself a day before surgery to ensure that your surgery process will be carried out smoothly and you will get the desired outcomes.

Apart from making you informed about the surgery process, your surgeon also helps you explore various potential risks that may arise after surgery, be it chance of infection, side effects of anesthesia, disordered nipple height, or other related issues.

Steps Associated with Breast Removal Surgery

As far as timing of breast reduction surgery is concerned, it is something that varies with the patient’s case. An experienced breast reduction surgeon in Punjab takes only a few hours to accomplish the surgery procedure. Here are various steps involved in breast reduction surgery.

  • In the first step, your surgeon will put you under the anesthesia that makes you unconscious during the entire process that the team carries out. Patients can enjoy the flexibility to stay overnight, though such surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • After anesthetizing the patient, the surgeon then initiates the breast reduction surgery by performing incision work around the areola, which is done horizontally along and also vertically down with the crease in the anchor shape. This method of surgery is popular as the anchor method.
  • Another process is known as vertical incision breast reduction surgery. The method tends to leave scars in the area where surgery is performed while being less invasive. The majority of surgeons don’t perform this kind of technique for surgery. But, if you are keen to undergo any such technique of surgery, you need to find a highly experienced plastic surgeon who gives you surety that they will carry out the entire process successfully.
  • Scarless breast reduction is another most popular technique that is related to the use of liposuction for eliminating breast tissues with the help of small incisions. Though it’s not possible to remove the scar completely in this process, it leaves only small scars (barely 3 millimeters wide) that are located either in the armpit of the crease of the breast.     

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

Cost is a common thing that comes in the mind of most of the patients when they undergo breast reduction surgery. And they wish to get the exact details of the cost of their surgery to prepare their budget accordingly.

Well, the cost of breast reduction surgery in Punjab tends to vary on multiple factors such as the procedure for breast reduction, facility, the experience of a surgeon, etc. Once you get in touch with a specialized surgeon, they will create a customized plan for your surgery. And you have to pay the exact cost accordingly.

Female Plastic Surgeon in Punjab

Punjab is home for some renowned female plastic surgeon – Dr. Prerna Mittal is one of those. Being a board certified plastic surgeon and also working as a chief operating surgeon at Refine Aesthetic Clinic, She is a specialized plastic surgeon in Punjab and has carried out numerous surgeries with outstanding results.

Possessing a creative vision and unmatched experience, Dr. Prerna Mittal also specializes in breast reduction surgery. Irrespective of types of breast reduction surgery, she leaves no stone unturned to deliver better outcomes. She is well trained and can use modern equipment with proficiency.

So, if you are looking for affordable and the world-class breast reduction surgery in Punjab, Dr. Prerna Mittal is the right option for you.