Fillers in Punjab

Bid Adieu to Sunken Cheeks- Fillers

MAC, Huda Beauty, Dior, Sephora, Urban Decay all have a special name and a very special place in a woman’s heart. The adage ‘more is less’ is true in the case of make-up. A little glossy lips or serious matte lips, what is your take? An overdose of highlighter on the cheeks and chic eye make-up is all that you need to be dressed up for a nice drinks-and-dance party. The day make-up varies from BB cream, concealer and little mascara to a little heavy sun-kissed bronzer by Lakme and a long-lasting foundation with SPF in it. Above all, just apply your favorite tinted lip balm or apply the heavenly 24-hour stay Bobbi Brown Liquid Lip High Shine Lipper. You are well-sorted for work to party looks!

The most dreaded part follows. What happens if you opt to go out without make-up? What happens to your looks without the fancy and expensive glosses and foundation? What shows beneath the superficial layers of make-up is the ‘Real-YOU’ and that is a harsh reality.

As you age, the demon of fine lines and wrinkles become predominant and some parts of cheeks, eyes, lips and nasolabial folds appear sunken. As a result, you start appearing aged and old relatively. Do you wish to stay active and look young? Do you dream to have the evergreen Bollywood actress Rekha’s mystical charm and youthful aura around you? Are you staying depressed because you need to apply dollops of make-up to look young and enriched? Well, that surely is a cause of worry and can bother you as make-up is only a temporary and superficial solution.

Beauty Lies Skin-deep

The science has a magic potion which makes you look younger and all you may need eventually is a dash of gloss on lips and you will be party-ready.

The art of fillers is the most impressive way to achieve facial contouring and ‘race back in time’ literally. To defy the chorological age, the cosmetic surgeons recommend fillers in getting rid of what is called ‘the golden triangle of face’, i.e., lines around eyes and mouth. Fillers have been accepted and hailed to show wonders around the deep under eye circles, eye bags, and smile lines, deep lines on the sides of the nose and droopy mouth and jowls.

As the name reflects, the process just fills the sunken and deeply dug out pores and you shall be ready to splash that ray of youth all around. This process is also called Liquid Facelift. It works on all fronts and helps in getting rid of ageing signs. The process of ageing starts reflecting because of following factors:

  • Ageing which is natural and depicted through an increase in candles on the birthday cake each year.
  • The harsh environmental conditions play havoc on the skin and make the face dull and lifeless.
  • The modern-day lifestyle and on-the-go routine which makes you stay up late till night, binge on just anything and lack of exercise which shows both inside the body as well as outside the body.

These are some of the inevitable factors which are bound to show effect in terms of haggard and etiolated face.

Fillers are a blessing and instantly make you high-spirited and flamboyant. Are you ready to book your 40th birthday bash on the Maldives?

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The Journey to Youth

The treatment of fillers has become very patient-friendly and yields positive results for a very long term. It is the most trusted non-surgical procedure to revive facial vibrancy and elasticity. The chemicals that are filled in the sunken area are more like magical potions reliving the wrinkles and sagging face.

Fillers help in reviving the depleted collagen levels and hence enhance the facial sharpness. The injectable fillers are also termed as ‘wrinkle fillers’, ‘injectable implants’, ‘soft-tissue fillers’ and ‘dermal fillers’.

The most commonly used filler treatments are as follows:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is found in one’s own body, especially in the body’s connective tissues and skin. This naturally occurring substance is injected to give volume and fullness to the sunken cheeks, under-eye and smoothens out the folds. Even lip enhancements and facial contouring can be done with the aid of fillers.

The hyaluronic acid attracts water and makes the skin appear well-hydrated. Following are a few benefits of injectable hyaluronic acid fillers:

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothens the facial folds
  • Helps in creating facial structure and sharpness
  • Enhances the volume of face and lips

With the hyaluronic fillers, the results can be seen nearly within two-three days and the longevity of the treatment is contingent on the patient care, location of the injection, and the composition of HA. Unfortunately, since the body re-absorbs the filler, the results of the procedure may last around 6 months to one-year maximum depending upon the patient.

  1. Autologous Wrinkle Fillers

This is also known as fat grafting. As the name suggests fat is extracted from the patient’s own body parts, mainly the thighs, buttocks, etc. with the help of liposuction. Thereafter the autologous (from patient’s own body) fat is then purified and injected into the facial area that needs enhancement and highlighting. It could be the face, hands or even breasts to give the upliftment.

The results of the fat grafting are more permanent and more natural in appearance. The desired volume can be given to areas that have stooped, sagged or even exhibit wrinkle lines. This non-invasive procedure uses the skin from patient’s own body, so the chances of allergic reactions are zilch, unlike other fat grafting procedures.

You get a natural looking younger skin for a long period of time.

The fillers make way to subtly lift the face and keep up the aesthetic balance of the face.

 Word of Caution

There is a list of prescribed dos and don’ts by the cosmetic surgeon post the procedure. You are advised to choose an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon for the best results. Also the FDA-approved fillers are typically safe.

Usually before and after the procedure, a few things are prohibited such as blood thinning products like alcohol and even lying down for a few hours. Make sure you aren’t exposed to warm temperatures and scorching sun and do not massage the newly treated area harshly.

There may be redness, swelling, pain or bruises in some cases, though the risks are negated at the hands of an efficient cosmetic surgeon. Also, check the label for any sort of allergic reaction to any of the components.

The Results are Satisfactory

Usually, the patients are very contented with the results of fillers, even though they might not be permanent and may not even show the results immediately.

This is the safest facelift non-surgical procedure. All you need to do is just discuss the expectations with the surgeon and make sure you understand the implications of the intervention and what may be the possible outcome.

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The New Rage among Men

The trend of getting a voluminous face or cheeks or facial continence is in vogue among the menfolk as well. Nobody wants to live with the baggage of old age showing explicitly on the most vivid body part and that is face. Angelina Jolie’s lips and Kylie Jenner’s skin are no longer invoking the desire to look radiant among women alone. Their male counterparts too wish to give them a tough competition and look as ravishing and young.

Yesteryears Bollywood and Hollywood male celebrities are repeatedly undergoing the treatment of fillers to stay young and defy the unwelcoming looks of old age.

Bottom Line

While undergoing any anti-ageing treatment, a renowned and experienced cosmetic surgeon must be consulted. Dr. Prerna Mittal has carved out a prominent name in the field of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle surgeons. She is the best surgeon for fillers in Punjab. The best cosmetic surgeon Punjab is known to have worked miracles in the field of anti-ageing procedures with a high success rate.

The gleaming smiles of patients and their radiant, youthful skin is a testimony to the acumen of this ever-smiling surgeon. Meet Dr. Prerna and consult her to know how you can get the best, long-term results that can bring you out of the clouds of make-up and radiate the sparkling youth in you.