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Best Tattoo Removal in India

Tattoos are definitely cool and meaningful. They may be a show of your passion and hobby or could be a permanent sign of loyalty. Irrespective of the reason you choose to get yourself inked, there may come a time when the same tattoo will become unwanted or simply fade and become lackluster.

However, we all know that tattoos are permanently inked into the deeper layers of your skin, and hence, are surgically or topically impossible to remove.

This is where cosmetic tattoo removal treatment comes as the perfect solution. Dr. Prerna Mittal, an accomplished cosmetic surgeon at Refine Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab has been a prominent name in safe, successful and affordable laser tattoo removal in India.

What is Tattoo Removal Treatment?

A Tattoo Removal Treatment in Ludhiana is a cosmetic procedure used to diminish or completely remove the visibility of unwanted tattoos from various parts of your body. There are several different techniques in use today, but these work towards the singular goal of hiding the visible tattoo without using surgical equipment.

As easy as it may sound, tattoo removal is performed in three different stages, namely:

  • Inflammatory Stage – This is the initial use of laser device which disintegrates the ink-particles into tiny parts. The destruction of ink particles underneath the outer skin layers tends to make the area around the targeted tattoo red and inflamed, often accompanied with slight stinging pain.
  • Proliferative Stage – This is the second stage of tattoo removal treatment and usually begins around 2 to 3 days, after the tattoo removal treatment is performed. In this stage, the outer inflamed skin begins to heal and eventually starts covering the treated area.And gets a smoother appearance too.
  • Maturing Stage – This is the last stage of the treatment. In this stage, the tattoo eventually gets diminished enough to become invisible. This is helped by the development of new skin tissue which replaces the ink-laden skin tissue that was destroyed and gives a natural, clear skin soon.

Dr. Prerna Mittal uses these top two successful techniques to provide the best cosmetic tattoo removal treatment in India:

  • Laser Tattoo Removal Technique – This technique requires a special handheld device that emits a precise and powerful beam of laser light. This laser beam is effective in penetrating into the deeper layers of your skin effortlessly and works to destroy the ink-particles within it.
  • Dermabrasion – This technique of removal requires using a handheld device which has a abrasive tip at its rotating end and is mostly advisable to remove small-sized tattoos.

How successful is Tattoo Removal Treatment in India?

This Cosmetic treatment in India has been perfected down the years. With the availability of the latest in cosmetic surgical equipment and immense expertise, cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Prerna Mittal from Ludhiana, Punjab  provide excellent and highly-successful tattoo removal treatment in India.

Choose Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab now to get the best, most effective and completely successful cosmetic tattoo removal treatment in India.