Best Reasons to Get Breast Reduction Surgery in India

A beautiful body should be in proportion. Symmetry and shape of your physical assets is incredibly essential for an overall attractive appearance. In reality, many women complain of overlarge breasts which tend to have adverse physical and psychological effects in the complainants. Abnormally large breasts may results from ageing, pregnancy or lifestyle however there is no topical solution for it other than breast reduction surgery.

Cosmetic breast reduction surgery is the perfect way to decrease the size of overlarge breasts and regain a proportionate and attractive figure.

The top expert cosmetic surgeons in India, such as Dr. Prerna Mittal are renowned for performing highly successful and satisfying breast reduction surgery and have helped hundreds of women to restore their lost youthful upper body affordably.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Punjab

Reduction Mammaplasty, more commonly known as Breast Reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure for removing surplus skin, tissue and fat from the breast area.

Today, thanks to extreme advances in cosmetic surgical science, expert cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Mittal at Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab perform breast reduction procedure using several different techniques. Irrespective of the technique used for breast reduction, the surgery involves making incisions and using liposuction to remove extra fat from the breast.

The surgery requires making a continuous incision which circles the areola before going vertically down to the underside of the breasts. The specific shape of the incision allows the cosmetic surgeon to remove extra tissue and fat from under the breast skin as well as trim additional, unwanted breast skin too.

The removal of the breast tissue and underlying fat cells is designed to leave the breasts with a symmetrical and proportionate shape.

Best reasons to get Breast Reduction in India

Although breast reduction surgery is performed at almost every major cosmetic clinic around the world, there are several reasons to get breast reduction surgery in India though.

1 – Breast reduction boosts confidence
Overly large breasts on a smaller frame tend to make women self-conscious. Hence, when breast reduction makes their breasts proportionate to the rest of their body, it gives an immense boost to self confidence.

2 – Breast reduction expands clothing options
If earlier, your choice of clothes usually depended on how well they hid your abnormally large breasts then breast reduction will give you the freedom to expand your outfit choices extensively. When your body becomes proportional in every way then you can simply choose the outfits in your normal size.

3 – Breast reduction rids of skin irritation
Large, pendulous breasts result in constant skin irritation and lead to frequent rash, especially in the underside of the breasts. This is because overlarge breasts tend to rub frequently and more vigorously against your torso. However, once breast reduction surgery makes your breasts perkier, the skin irritation is gone completely.

4 – Breast reduction removes constant shoulder ache
Overlarge breasts make bras heavy which keep a constant pressure on your shoulders with their straps. Pain in shoulders is one of the most common complaints from women with disproportionately large breasts. Removing excess fat, tissue and skin from the breasts makes them lighter and relieves the frequent shoulder ache permanently.

5 – Breast reduction helps to improve workouts
If abnormally large breasts prevent you from working out or participating in certain physical activities, then undergoing a breast reduction will give you the freedom to do just that. Heavier breasts have also been linked to chronic back pain in women. Regaining the ability to workout comfortably will eventually help to improve your figure and also maintain it with regular exercises.

A cosmetic breast reduction in Ludhiana by Dr. Prerna Mittal at Refine Aesthetic Clinic, Ludhiana, Punjab will help improve your life and boost your attractiveness to new heights.