Best Breast Lift surgery in India

Youthful, perky breasts are a desire for self-aware women all over the world. The firmness of youth is unfortunately lost with ageing, pregnancy and lifestyle as well as gravity. No amount of exercising will restore the taut young breasts you remember having.

Thankfully, cosmetic breast lift surgery is the perfect way for bringing back the firm and perky young breasts you have been wanting for so long.

Dr. Prerna Mittal has is a reputed and highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon with special focus on body aesthetic improvement. Read on to know about the breast lift procedure and learn how and where to get the best breast lift surgery in India.

Basics of Breast Lift surgery

A cosmetic Breast Lift surgery is designed to reposition the drooping, sagging breasts and restore a younger and more attractive appearance to them.

Unlike Breast Augmentation/Breast Implant which uses fat or implants to increase the size/volume of the breasts and Breast Reduction which reduces the size of over-large breasts, the cosmetic Breast Lift surgery purely lifts up droopy breasts and places them in a higher position on your chest. Breast lift procedure is not meant to enhance or reduce the size of your breasts but to position them higher and make them look firm and young.

The cosmetic surgeon will administer anesthesia to numb any pain while the procedure is underway. After marking the positions, the cosmetic surgeon makes precise incisions, usually starting under the areola and extending down to the crease under your breasts.

These incisions allow the cosmetic surgeon to access the underlying breast tissue and chest muscles. The loosened breast tissues are carefully positioned higher and held in place using strong surgical sutures. Next, the stretched, additional skin is carefully trimmed from under the breasts. The remaining skin is then gently covers the repositioned breast tissue, thus giving your breasts a noticeable lift and perkiness.

The surgeon will use surgical adhesive or dressing to close the incision wounds. Expert cosmetic surgeons take care to ensure that the incisions are carefully hidden under the crease of your breasts to avoid visible scarring in the future.


Breast Lift criteria

The criteria for cosmetic breast lift calls for the patient to be an overall healthy female who does not plan to get pregnant in the future, as it may drastically affect the results of breast lift.

The top criteria for choosing an ideal candidate for breast lift surgery are:

  • Patient is on overall good physical and mental health condition
  • Patient is not suffering from serious medical disorder or disease
  • Patient is a non-smoker
  • Patient does not plan to experience pregnancy after the procedure
  • Patient has practical and realistic expectations with the extent of change in appearance

It is highly advised to contact a reputed and expert cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Prerna Mittal at Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab and book an appointment for initial consultation. This consultation will help the cosmetic surgeon and you to determine if you can successfully undergo a cosmetic breast lift surgery in India.