Is perfect breasts a dream?

Aiming for Perfect Breasts: Breast Augmentation is the New Buzzword

The title might sound paradoxical but the reality is that there are innumerable women brooding over the natural size of their breasts. Some women have breasts barely like teenagers which they may call ‘lemon-sized’ in their humorous ways. Even worse is the scenario when girls have ill-shaped breasts or both the breasts differing in size and shape, the solution to this is Breast Augmentation Surgery

The reason why the breast shape and size is being discussed is that it is one of the most pertinent beauty aspects of a female and can make one conscious if not endowed too well. In fact, improper shape and size of breasts have been an important reason for causing depression and anxiety among women.

The sagging and droopy breasts make one look aged and unimpressive. Few women have reported turmoil in their relationships because of improper breasts. What more the women with not-so-perfect breasts have been seen to be under confident and introvert sometimes.

Wish God Could Create Everyone Equally Endowed!

This is such wishful thinking that if God could create uniform looks for all, the problem of complexities and inferiority wouldn’t have existed! Alas! This is a mere wish! But you needn’t lose heart as what God couldn’t do has now been achieved by our cosmetic surgeons of modern times. A miraculous surgical procedure called Breast Augmentation or Boob Job has been able to give new leash of happiness to many women who had been reeling under complexities due to minuscule-sized breasts.

Breast Augmentation Surgery is a surgical intervention which will aim at improving the shape and the size of the breasts. With the use of silicone implants or other implants, the surgery restores the curves of the breasts and makes the breasts proportionate to the rest of the body. This surgery is a two-way procedure- uplifts the confidence and gives the most perfect breast shape and proportion.

Is it Dangerous?

The procedure of breasts implants and breast augmentation has been there since over two decades. With the passage of time, the procedure has undergone manifold ramifications and has become really safe along with quicker healing of the patient post-surgery. It’s a painless process and you need not fear any procedural pain. Operated under general anesthesia, you will not be required to stay overnight in the hospital.

Even the breast implants are made of silicone gel or saline implants or even the body fat transfer can be used. It is the most often performed cosmetic surgery and the chances of any side-effects are rare if performed under the able guidance of a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

You need to make sure that you have explained your mind to the surgeon and let him examine you thoroughly. A physical examination along with a medical analysis would be needed to make sure that your expectations are realistic and can be met to the closest.

When you consider getting operated there is a list of minor precautions that you must follow. Smoking is a strict deterrent and must be stopped immediately. All anti-inflammatory medicines as well as any sort of blood-thinning drug should be spoken about to the surgeon and may have to be stopped. You may, however, need assistance to drive you back home and arrange some help for the beginning few days with heavy work and chores.

What exactly will Happen In the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Depending on the desired aesthetic goals, your medical history and the shape of the breasts, the surgeon will give you various options of implants. The saline-filled implants have sterile physiological saline as filler. They are usually pre-filled or can even be filled at the time of the surgery.

The silicone gel-filled implants have a soft, elastic gel and are usually pre-filled. It may even be required to give a longer incision to insert these implants. Usually round-shaped, the silicone gel-filled implants have a low or intermediate degree of cohesiveness. The other variant is the cohesive silicone gel which gives a firmer appearance that the traditional silicone gel implants and can help keep the shape intact.

Based on your expectations and physical anatomy of breasts, the surgeon will help you make the choice of the implant. The body mass and existing breast tissue will affect the choice of the implant, the choice of the surgery and the placement of the incision.

Breast Augmentation Surgery – Happiness Forever or No?

Breast augmentation is a surgery that will yield results over the long term. However, a periodic follow-up check by the surgeon is mandatory to track the implants. There may be some natural phenomenon that may affect the body and the breasts. For example, the menstrual cycle, or strenuous weight loss or a drastic weight gain may influence the body overall as well as the size of the breasts. Hormonal changes during menopause may also be the reason for a change in the appearance of enlarged breasts.

It can be safely concluded that breast augmentation surgery has positive effects that can sustain for a relatively long period of time, contingent upon drastic body size change due to hormonal imbalance.

Choose the Best, Leave the Rest

The above well-known saying will make you wonder as to who is the best and the most qualified cosmetic surgeon in the field of breast augmentation. After all, you do wish to get a natural look post the surgery and not an artificial, doll-like fabricated look. This implies that you must be vigilant in exploring the word-of-mouth appreciation about the surgeon you wish to see. Along with this make sure the surgeon is Board-accredited with a proper qualification in the field.

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Dr. Prerna Mittal has gradually gained name and fame in the success stories of Breast augmentation surgery in Punjab. The testimonials of her patients speak volumes about the finesse in her skills and positivity in her mannerism and approach. More so she is a well-qualified surgeon who has performed a quantum of successful breast surgeries. She is the best cosmetic surgeon of Punjab and continues to keep up with the rapport of being one.

Tick the Wish List

The reason for undergoing this surgical intervention may be to improve your overall physical appearance with perkier and fuller breasts. It may be that pregnancy or weight loss or the ageing body has caused undue harm to the shape and size of the breasts. The breasts may have become droopy and squirmed below your expectations.

Now the question is why would you even seek to reel under the pressure of the asymmetrical breasts and feel less confident because of smaller breasts? The miracle of this surgery has actually made life a blessing for many.

Final Words

The breast augmentation surgery or ‘boob job’ surgery is definitely a blessing for women fraught with a lack of confidence due to malnourished breast size or ill-shaped breasts. However, even before and after the surgery make sure you stick to a healthy diet pattern and regular exercise regime because there is no substitute for healthy intake and a healthy lifestyle pattern. If you wish to get breast augmentation surgery in ludhiana get in touch with Dr. Prerna Mittal at Refine Aesthetic Clinic